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The Star Seekers are a group of space pirate Transformers featured in several continuities of that franchise.


Aligned Continuity


The Star Seekers appear in Transformers: Exiles and Transformers: Retribution, in which they are depicted as remnants of Cybertron's interstellar empire who were cut off when the Spacebridge network broke down. They thus became obsessed with avenging themselves on Cybertron, and hunted the Ark to Velocitron and then Junkion, attacking both planets in the process. They departed Velocitron when it became clear that the Autobots were no longer there, and were then driven off of the crumbling Junkion by Nexus Prime. After acquiring the Requiem Blaster, they launched an ambush of the Decepticons, surrounding the Nemesis with a fleet of ships led by their Tidal Wave, but were forced off. The tech spec for their leader Thundertron later indicated that they found Cybertron and were prepared to attack it, but no subsequent fiction has depicted these events or described them as taking place.

Generation 1

Fun Publications

The Star Seekers are featured in the Transformers: Timelines story Transformers: Hoist the Flag!, in which they set out to reach Unicron's head but are challenged by the Knights of Cybertron.



Generation 1