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War in Pocket
Speedoo and Guartinel box
Publication information
Created by DX9 Toys
In-story information
Member(s) Speedoo and Guartinel

Speedoo and Guartinel are a team of fictional characters and third-party Transformer homages to Generation 1 Blurr and Ironhide made by DX9 Toys in 2014.

DX9 Toys

Speedoo and Guartinel and a set of third-party Transformer toys by DX9 Toys. They are inspired by the Generation 1 characters Blurr and Ironhide.


Speedoo and Guartinel were released in October 2014.

Reprolabels released label sets for Speedoo and Guartinel in April 2015.


The TransMissons podcast for September 8th, 2014 discussed Speedoo and Guartinel in the news.[1]

The Star To Star Toys News podcast for September 30th, 2014 discussed Speedo and Guartinel in the news.[2]

Guartinel appeared in an article about Legends Ultra Magnus the November 2015 issue of Chi Soul Die (模魂志) magazine.[3]


  • DX9 Toys Speedoo and Guartinel (2014)
Guartinel was remolded and recolored into Medilance.
  • Reprolabels Guartinel (2015)
A set of sticker for Guartinel.[4]
  • Reprolabels Speedoo (2015)
A set of sticker for Speedoo.[5]


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