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  • | name = Medical Weight Loss and Beauty | logo = [[File:Weight loss1 (1).png|200px]]
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  • they need to work? The discrepancy between implemented controls and the loss of protection, found during security testing clearly indicate the problem, ...y errors show an environment that may lack controls for managing change or loss.
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  • meet with them, which has happened in the past—Majid has lost so much weight that they did not recognize him from the photos and video they had seen; he ...oms of [[post-traumatic stress disorder]], including concentration, memory loss, and frantic expression.
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  • | title=Guantanamoabuse blamed for weight loss ...hat the medical records showed that Jawad had lost ten percent of his body weight during his sleep deprivation, and that he had told doctors he had been urin
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  • ...s#Featherweight Championship|WEC Featherweight Champion]]. His only career loss has been to [[Luciano Azevedo]]. ===Loss to Azevedo===
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  • ...fficial weigh-ins, Myles Jury weighs {{convert|154|lb|kg}} and Al Iaquinta weight {{convert|155|lb|kg}}. ...night before. Cruz explained that he was upset due to the Jeremy Larsen's loss. Cruz says he wants Tickle to be himself.
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  • ...ecome the first fighter in the UFC to hold titles concurrently in separate weight classes.]] ...fighter in the UFC to concurrently hold two championships in two separate weight classes. The ''UFC 94'' main event was met with a high level of anticipatio
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  • ...d systems that producing it again therefore great at eliminating undesired weight faster and more efficient as compared to other sorts of medicine. In additi up weight together with performing, make certain you expose a number of weight periods just like functioning uphill. In addition, conduct your legs the fo
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  • =Guantanamo captives who had weight(s) recorded, or who were recorded as having refused to be weighed -- '''''A This table is based on weight records the DoD published, and it suggests that five percent of the time th
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  • ...nger striker, until June of 2012, but had almost recovered from his weight loss.
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  • and premature death. Indeed, you may have already been suffering from a weight-related condition." -- .....It’s great to finally see Toronto catch up" while still regretting the loss of lanes on Jarvis: "People live and work and go to school on both of these
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  • ...l of 844 passengers and crew were killed in what was to become the largest loss of life disaster from a single shipwreck on the [[Great Lakes]].<ref name=" on many other passenger vessels.<ref name="PROPHECY" /> This additional weight, ironically, probably made the ''Eastland'' more dangerous and it worsened
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  • ...they found he had dropped from 150 to 100 pounds—the unexplained weight loss was not due to hunger striking. They filed emergency motions requesting hi
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  • | titlestyle = background:transparent;text-align:left;font-weight:normal; | titlestyle = background:transparent;text-align:left;font-weight:normal;
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  • ...he intruder. Unfortunately, Hot Rod found himself fighting well out of his weight class as he was man handled by Scorponok, who cheerfully bashed his face in ...creation of Autobot City. Hot Rod debuted in the main continuity after the loss of many wars to the [[Underbase]] powered [[Starscream (Transformers)|Stars
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  • ...king spaces around the perimeter of the existing deck, and will offset the loss of surfaces lot spaces due to other projects. pool and activity pool, two floors of cardiovascular, strength and free weight equipment, 4 court hardwood gym, indoor turf Multi-Activity Center, {{conve
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  • ...egan to wear off that A.J. realized how easily she had lifted such a great weight... at which point, part of the building collapsed, and a ton of rubble came our sprawled bodies, A.J. undid Small Foot's bonds, explaining that the loss of her powers had FINALLY forced her to stop and think, like everyone had b
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  • Hebrew), mv pain to separate section, NPOV(!), mv disparagement, rm POV-weight on Weintraub&#039;s 1-man drive, mv frot material to Frot.) ...oved mention of lovemaking and rape among gay men, due to concern of undue weight.)
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  • for past 5 years with a keen focus on functional training, weight loss, nutrition & athletic improvements. He Has Established A Reputation As A Su
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  • for past 5 years with a keen focus on functional training, weight loss, nutrition & athletic improvements. He Has Established A Reputation As A Su
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  • ...r-length or longer dreadlocks" with no information about estimated height, weight or ages.<ref name="MannixAudio" /> Yanez was one of the police officers who throughout the trial, expressed shock and outrage at the verdict, and a loss of faith in the system. Although they had earlier discussed a federal civil
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