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Transformers character
Beast Wars Soundwave art
Species Transformer

Flight, shapeshifting, superhuman durability, superhuman strength

Alternate mode



"From the sky to the sea, they will fear and respect me."

Beast Wars

Basic Beasts

Soundwave is a fictional character from the Beast Wars Transformers series. He is a Mutant who turns from a bat into an alligator.

Beast Wars

A character named Soundwave—but with no relation to the original character—was released as part of the Beast Wars Mutants sub-line in 2000. However, although Beast Wars officially exists in the same continuity as a version of the Generation 1 universe and its Soundwave (who made a brief cameo in the Beast Wars episode The Agenda, Part III), this character has no connection to the original Decepticon.

As a Mutant, this Soundwave transforms from bat to alligator, with no humanoid mode. Due to his in-built radar in bat mode, and crushing jaws in alligator mode, he excels at a variety of missions. However, due to his situation, Soundwave is a dark and bitter character. He has an ultra-sensitive internal radar in bat mode, and in alligator mode, his tail can send seismic shockwaves through the ground.


3H Enterprises

In Transformers: Universe - The Wreckers the Mutants traveled to Cybertron and sought the guidance of the Oracle computer, seeking a cure for their condition. What they did not know is that the Oracle was under the influence of the Quintessons. The Mutants were sent to the outer Orion Cluster. Once there they were captured by the Quintessons, found in contempt by the five-faced aliens, and destroyed in an attack by a swarm of Sharkticons.

IDW Publishing

This version of Soundwave also appeared in IDW Publishing's Beast Wars: The Gathering miniseries. Activated on Earth by Magmatron and a group of Predacons from the future, Soundwave and the mutants emerged from their stasis pods and took up residence in a swamp that they quickly made their own. When a group newly-activated Predacons led by Transquito ventured through the swamp on a mission they were attacked by the Mutants. Poison Bite attacked Retrax, Soundwave attacked Powerpinch and Icebird attacked Transquito. Deciding the swamp was not worth their lives, Scourge and Insecticon fled. However, in "The Ascending" it is revealed that Powerpinch, Transquito and Retrax survived.

IDW's Beast Wars Sourcebook series identifies the mutant Soundwave as a former warrior who may have been a veteran of the Great War, though the details are ambiguous at best. Sourcebook #4 states that Soundwave became an actor/entertainer after the ratification of the Pax Cybertronia, developing a "dramatic flair in everything from his movements to his speech paterns".


Soundwave appeared in the e-Hobby comic released with Convobat, where he-like Convobat-appears as a Headmaster with a recolored version of Mindwipe's Transtector. He attacks Convobat after he and Megalligator escape from Straxus, and Megalligator and Soundwave depart leaving Convobat to fall unconscious from the attack.


  • Beast Wars Deluxe Mutant Soundwave (2000)
Although the Beast Wars toy line had concluded in 1998, this sub-line was released during the Beast Machines era. Although the figures lack robot modes, they all feature vestigial robotic components—such as Soundwave's robot head, concealed within his bat mouth. A re-deco of the figure known as Leatherneck was intended for release in Transformers: Universe, but did not come to fruition.
This figure was based on drawings by Hasbro designer Tim Bradley.[1]


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