Sonic Boom Blast Pack

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Sonic Boom Blast Pack

Sonic Boom Blast Pack toy
Created by Renderform
Genre Science Fiction
In-story information
Element of stories featuring Blaster

The Sonic Boom Blast Pack is a fictional set of third-party Transformer weapons made by Renderform in 2011.


The RW-001 Sonic Boom Blast Pack contains one rifle and two guns from the DJ Rockblast set.


The Sonic Boom Blast Pack was released in 2011.

For those just wanting the Blaster gun, it is now for sale, in a 3 pack weapons set, for $12 plus shipping. It comes with the larger Electro gun in an off-black color, 1 mini black rifle, and a random colored mini rifle. The guns have a 5mm peg. You might find the fitting for the large gun a bit hard on some figures, but it can be fitted with some effort, and should be easier after to reattach.


  • Renderform RW-001 Sonic Boom Blast Pack (2011)
Includes one black rifle and two guns, one black and one randomly colored.



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