Solo Assault Group

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Solo Assault Group
JustIToys character
JustIToys Solo Assault Group box
Created by

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Cybertronian car/Cybertronian jet/laser pistol/tank/winged wolf

"Life is only worth living as long as there are enemies worth destroying."
Tech specs

ST10 IN09 SP04 EN09

RN07 CO08 FB09 SK08

Solo Assault Group is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Sixshot made by JustIToys in 2012.


Solo Assault Group is an homage to 1987 Transformers Decepticon Sixshot. Generation 1 Sixshot's function was Solo Transformer Assault Group.

According to his tech specs Solo Assault Group is incredibly strong, intelligent and tough. His firepower is equally impressive. He is also very brave and skilled. His speed, however, is slightly below average.

Solo Assault Group is not the only third-party homage to Sixshot, there is also Terminus Hexatron.


JustIToys first teased their development of Sixshot, Astrotrain and Blitzwing in April 2010.[1]

Prototype images of Solo Assault Group were released in November 2011 which compared it to Bombardier Elf.

Color toy images were released on the internet in April 2012.[2]

Solo Assault Group was released in July 2012.

Solo Assault Group Invisible Mode was released in March 2013.


Fictional biogrpahy

One of the only two six-changers know to exist among all robots. Solo Assault Group is justifiably arrogant and has little regards for those those he fells his is vastly superior to. But there is an honorable side to this evil robot, and he often speaks more kindly of warriors who have come close to besting him in single combat.


  • JustIToys WST Robots Solo Assault Group (2012)
An original third-party Transformer mold designed to copy the design of Generation 1 Sixshot. Come with two rifles, labels, instructions and a collector card.
This toy was recolored into Ultimate Fire.
  • Justitoys WST Robots Solo Assault Group black (2013)
A recolor of Solo Assault Group in black. Limited to 500 pieces.
  • Justitoys WST Robots Solo Assault Group Invisible Mode (2013)
A recolor of Solo Assault Group Invisible Mode. Limited to 500 pieces.




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