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Developer(s) SlideDog
Initial release January 20, 2013; 7 years ago (2013-01-20)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type Presentation program

SlideDog is a presentation software program for Microsoft Windows that lets users create and display presentation playlists of common presentation file formats, multimedia and web pages.[1]


SlideDog was founded in 2012[2] and was made available as public beta in early 2012.[3]


Slidedog is provided via a freemium model and comes in a free and a pro (paid subscription) version.[4] Users can add images and videos, as well as PDF, PowerPoint and Prezi presentations when creating playlists. Moreover, SlideDog allows users to add files from web sources, like YouTube, and embed interactive polls and quizzes[1]. SlideDog also has a remote control app available on Google Play[5] and the Apple App Store[6].

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