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Transformers character
Name Skyjack/Skyfall
Series Transformers: Generation 2
Transformers: Universe
Alternate modes F-117 Nighthawk, XB-70 Valkyrie
Function Spy
Motto "Trust me if you dare!"
Rank 5
Sub-group Cyberjets, Ultra Vehicles

Skyjack is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 2

Initially released under the name Skyjack in Generation 2, this Decepticon jet was later renamed Skyfall in the Universe line.[1] He is a spy with stealth armor. He likes practicing shooting at cars and was mentored by Dreadwing.

IDW Publishing

Skyjack's spark was one of the prisoners of the Autobots in a peniteniary on the planet Garrius-9 in Spotlight: Arcee by IDW Publishing.

Fun Publications

Skyjack was among the troops under the command of Clench on Earth.[2]


  • Generation 2 Cyberjet Skyjack (1995)
Redecoed into Generation 2 Cyberjet Air Raid.[3]
  • Universe Generation 2 Series Ultra Skyfall (2009)
A Walmart exclusive black/orange redeco of Universe Ultra Silverbolt, which turns into a 1:222 scale XB-70 Valkyrie jet. With this scale his robot mode would stand 178 feet 5 inches tall.[4][5]


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