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Transformers character
Silverbolt in Beast Wars
Name Silverbolt/Jetstorm
Series Beast Wars
Beast Machines
Transformers: Universe
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor Mitsuo Iwata
First appearance Beast Wars episode "Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1"
Alternate modes Grey Timber Wolf/Eagle Fuzor, Cybertonian Jet Fighter, Technorganic Condor
Function Aerial Assault/Tracker, Aero-Drone General
Gender Male
Motto "After the darkness I take wing again!" (Beast Machines)
"Even in the face of the darkest nights, justice will ultimately prevail." (Universe)
"I am not bound by the law of the land." (Deluxe Jetstorm)
"Cruelty is perhaps, the most enjoyable sin." (Ultra Jetstorm)
Sub-group Deluxe Fuzor, Basic beast, Deluxe behicles, Ultra vehicles
For other versions, see Silverbolt.

Beast Wars

Silverbolt is a Maximal featured in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines series.


The appearance of Beast Machines Silverbolt is based on concept art provided to Hasbro by Draxhall Jump.


Among the Maximals, Silverbolt stands in contrast to Dinobot - who embodied Predacon honor, similar to the samurai code of bushido. Silverbolt embodied the Maximal version of honor which was like the chivalry of the medieval knights. Silverbolt sometimes left his teammates feeling befuddled, annoyed, or amused at just how seriously he took his ideals.[3] Often, a cheesy horn theme would play whenever Silverbolt said or did something heroic, sounding somewhat like an English fanfare for the Knights of old. Like Tigatron, Silverbolt was slow to anger but never backed down from a fight. Rattrap often called him "Bird Dog" and, at one point, called him "Sir Drools-a-Lot". Waspinator often referred to Silverbolt as "Doggy-Bot", and Blackarachnia often called him "Bowser", "Jo-Jo", and/or "Rover" in a tone that was often both mocking and affectionate at the same time. Silverbolt himself didn't seem to mind, and generally let whatever criticisms people made of him roll off his back as if he were oblivious to it.

Silverbolt was a Fuzor, a transformer who combined the traits of two animals for his alternate mode. In the case of Silverbolt, these animals were a wolf and an eagle, resulting a mode that looked like a winged wolf with bird claws. [4]

Silverbolt fell in love with Blackarachnia, and had charmed her into grudgingly falling in love with him at the end of season 2; when Rattrap made a derogative remark about Blackarachnia, Silverbolt threatened to harm him brutally.

Unlike Tigatron and Airazor, Silverbolt did not seem to feel that the Earth was his home or place of birth. His fellow fuzor, Quickstrike, once vowed that they would have an all out brawl some day, but it never came to pass. Some of his early episodes portrayed Silverbolt as an extremely cheerful, almost happy-go-lucky Maximal who was always eager to undertake assignments.

According to Bob Skir's web site the producers were originally going to call Jetstorm by the name Skybolt, but had to change the name for trademark reasons. According to the DVD commentary for Beast Machines they changed the name from Skybolt to Jetstorm because the name Skybolt was so close to Silverbolt they feared people would guess they were the same person.


Silverbolt (the Beast Machines version) was voted one of the top robot characters that does not look like her toy by Topless Robots.[5]

Animated series

Beast Wars

The stasis pod containing Silverbolt was launched into space around the Earth in the Beast Wars series pilot. [6]

Appearing after the apparent death of Optimus Primal, Silverbolt's scanner was damaged by the energy wave that created the transmetals. Scanning a wolf and eagle, it combined them to create his beast mode: a timber wolf with the wings, tail, and claws of an eagle. Megatron immediately tried to recruit him, but despite his damaged memory banks Silverbolt quickly realized he did not belong with the Predacons, as even the transformation code of "Silverbolt: Terrorize?" was distasteful to him. When he saw the kindness the Maximals offered to him by sparing him after a battle — something Megatron had refused to do for the Maximals — he realized his place was with them. Repaired just in time to see Optimus Primal reborn as a transmetal, Silverbolt changed sides and even saved Primal from a blow from Megatron.

His first real mission with the Maximals was when he and Rattrap tried to stop Predacons Blackarachnia, Tarantulas, and his fellow Fuzor Quickstrike from creating a refueling station. When the cave, in which the station was supposed to be, exploded (by Tarantulas, to make a new lair) Silverbolt proposed to Rattrap that they won and should leave, in which Rattrap happily agreed. This is also the start of his relationship with Blackarachnia, when he refused to shoot her when she was down because she was a lady.

In the episode "Bad Spark", Optimus spoke of the "dark secret of Axalon's voyage", which was to dump the stasis pod containing Protoform X - Rampage - on a barren world so that he could cause no more destruction. When it was revealed that Rampage did survive when his stasis pod crashed, Optimus, Cheetor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, and Waspinator tried to subdue the rampaging Transformer, only to have him captured and forced to join the Predacons by Megatron. It was here that Silverbolt's relationship with the Predacon Blackarachnia really started. They were separated by their own teams and had to join forces to escape from the jungle and from Protoform X. But Silverbolt was able to defeat Rampage (with the help of Optimus) and saved Blackarachnia from falling into a chasm. Silverbolt would continued to have a secret relationship Blackarachnia for most of the season.

Silverbolt's unerring compassion would be demonstrated when a new stasis pod fell to Earth. When the pod was revealed to contain the transmetal mutant Transmutate, Optimus Primal deemed that the slow-witted but powerful mutant should be forcibly put back in stasis, Silverbolt furiously protested and tried to befriend the mutant robot. This was complicated by the fact that Rampage, seeing a fellow tortured and rejected soul, was trying to do the same (against Megatron's orders to destroy her). The two fought each other to keep her free and join their sides. Unable to bear seeing her friends fighting over her, she terminated herself, much to the sorrow of both combatants.

Later Silverbolt's tentative relationship with Blackarachnia flowered into a cross-faction affair. Silverbolt would ferry her things she needed to build a hover ship in a series of clandestine meetings, although at this point Blackarachnia was using him more than anything. After failing to stop her escaping during a battle, Optimus Primal confined him to quarters. Silverbolt escaped and joined with Blackarachnia. As Silverbolt doggedly tried to convince her to become a Maximal (being rewarded with a bolt in the leg for his troubles) Blackarachnia revealed her true intent: to uncover The Ark. The two were then jumped by Megatron, who forced Blackarachnia to cooperate by threatening Silverbolt's life. Megatron then shot the stasis-locked body of Optimus Prime in the head, causing a time storm that threatened to destabilize all of history.

Silverbolt was instrumental in Blackarachnia changing sides to the Maximals in "Optimal Situation" when, impressed by his unflagging courage and devotion to protecting her, she switched sides. Their relationship was not always smooth (she ended up shooting him at one point to save him from Dinobot's clone) but for the most part the two seemed to have a genuine affection for each other. The other Maximals often questioned and, in Rattrap's case, often mocked, his affection for Blackarachnia, which Silverbolt usually ignored; however at least once or twice he became violently angry with Rattrap when it came to Blackarachnia (once for her honor, later for her well-being).

Silverbolt's role in season three was rather minor, as he acted mainly as a guard for the entrance to the Maximal base. Most of the time, he ended up getting damaged and taken out of action early on in episodes; this led to a running gag in which Waspinator would regularly take cheap shots at Silverbolt and gloat before being taken out himself (such as when Optimal Optimus smashed him with his bare hands in "Master Blaster").

The third season featured a minor antagonism between Silverbolt and Cheetor over Blackarachnia, as they both had feelings for her. Outside of this, Silverbolt took part in the Maximals' failed attempt to recover the Sentinel guard unit from the Axalon, where he had a brief argument with Depth Charge over Depth Charge's loyalty, and battled the transmetal clone of Dinobot. It also showed Silverbolt at his most brutal during the episode "Crossing the Rubicon", when Blackarachnia was temporarily killed, due to the meddling of Tarantulas, an enraged Silverbolt attempted to murder Tarantulas, almost succeeding but for the intervention of Rampage. Happily, his love was soon resurrected as a transmetal 2 (with her Predacon programming purged) - just in time to save an ambushed Silverbolt from Rampage.

Silverbolt did have one very heroic save in the finale, "Nemesis", where he dove on a booby trap bomb left by Megatron at the entrance to Tarantulas's Nemesis worksite. The force of the bomb completely shredded Silverbolt, causing him to have to return to base for repairs; however it protected Optimus and Depth Charge who were then able to chase after Megatron.

Silverbolt (to Optimus): "Sir, I'll be fine! I can-"

Blackarachnia: "Shut up and obey your commander, bone-brain!"

Silverbolt: "Yes, dear..."

In the second part of the finale, however, Silverbolt has but a single line. After Megatron's finale defeat, Silverbolt returned to Cybertron with the other Maximals.

Beast Machines

At the start of Beast Machines, Silverbolt was captured by Megatron and his spark extracted, later to be used in the Vehicon General Jetstorm.[7] The other escaped Maximals would remain unaware of Silverbolt's true identity until Blackarachnia began to suspect that his Spark lay inside one of Megatron's generals.

Jetstorm was one of the three original Vehicon generals, along with Tankor and Thrust who were created to help Megatron command his drones. Jetstorm was probably the most enthusiastic of the Vehicon Generals. An arrogant and rather talkative fighter, Jetstorm usually joked and mocked the Maximals but also hid a harsh and purely vindictive personality. He loved his job of tormenting the Maximals, and was always cuttingly sarcastic in battle.

He was completely loyal to Megatron, despite his huge ego, and did not tolerate treachery from the other Generals. He commanded the Aero-Drones, who he quickly became annoyed with for their incompetence. Jetstorm never took responsibility for his own failures. To him, his efforts were flawless and someone else was always at fault. His alternative mode was a metallic blue Cybertronian Attack Jet.

Each of the three original Vehicon Generals had their own personalized command codes; Jetstorm's was: "Jetstorm Afterburn!!!"

Despite their past rivalry, he and Thrust formed an actual friendship, even though the idea of having a friend seemed absurd at first to Jetstorm. However, Jetstorm despised the other Vehicon General, Tankor, thinking him to be a stupid lug who always got in the way. He even asked Megatron if he could have the tank drones after Tankor's apparent death.

After mistakenly assuming Silverbolt's spark was inside Thrust (who turned out to be Waspinator instead, much to her chagrin), Blackarachnia discovered it to be inside Jetstorm, whose sheer murderous impulses were the total opposite of Silverbolt's nobility. She briefly managed to awaken Siverbolt's true personality, but the Jetstorm program quickly reestablished itself and Blackarachnia was forced to leave behind her former-loved one.

In a contrast to Silverbolt trying to sway her from the side of evil in Beast Wars, Blackarachnia now tried to reawaken the good in Silverbolt. She had many setbacks, including when Jetstorm managed to extract her Spark and present it to Megatron, only being foiled by the timely intervention of Nightscream. Eventually Rattrap invented a device which combined a spark extractor with a DNA scanner he planned to use to restore transformers into their bodies. Blackarachnia stole this device and together with the organic core of Cybertron and a nearby fossil reformatted Jetstorm into Silverbolt, now a technorganic condor.

Unfortunately, Silverbolt's mind had been fully aware and conscious whilst Jetstorm was active, and the fact that he'd been able not only to commit such atrocities but also enjoy them had left him with a darker personality, no longer as close to his beloved as he had originally been out of mixed-guilt. Furious, Silverbolt would attempt to kill Megatron after the megalomaniacal dictator tried to sway him back to his side, with the Blackarachnia having to knock him out to get him away. After this Silverbolt was willing to do whatever was necessary to defeat Megatron.

His return to the Maximals was not a smooth transition, as his changed personality caused him to clash with the rest of the team on several occasions, particularly the impetuous Nightscream, who distrusted the former Vehicon general. Silverbolt also refused to resume his relationship with Blackarachnia, claiming he wanted to end the conflict with Megatron first. This greatly annoyed Blackarachnia, who had to go through many dangers to bring him back. Silverbolt also distrusted the new second-in-command Cheetor, stating that he "did not take orders from children." However, despite his rough reunion with the Maximals, Silverbolt proved to be a valiant addition to the team, adding much strength during battles with his former Vehicons, and even mediating the Maximals after they were they succumbed to the Hate Plague. After Megatron's final defeat, Silverbolt's old, chivalrous personality reasserted itself and he finally rekindled his romance with Blackarachnia.

Already a controversial series, the change in Silverbolt's character angered a number of fans, who felt that his personality had been changed into a copy of Dinobot and Depth Charge, losing much of his previous charm. However, in the series finale he regained his old personality. In the audio commentary on the Beast Machines DVD, this change was said to have been inspired by the evolution of Batman's persona. The campy Batman's change into his current dark portrayal was used as a template for the evolution of Silverbolt. The creators stated that part of this reason was due to how much the Beast Wars Silverbolt reminded them of Adam West’s Batman. Scott McNeil, the actor who voiced Silverbolt, was quoted in interviews saying that he did not like the change in Silverbolt's personality. Strangely enough, when Silverbolt's persona first re-emerged while inside Jetstorm's body, he appeared to be the same chivalrous, knight in shining armor type character he had been in Beast Wars, poetically addressing Blackarachnia as "dark poison of my heart" (he has called her this during the beast wars after he thought she was about to die in optimal situation) and seemingly unaware of his deeds as Jetstorm or even aware of his Jetstorm identity, although he seems to have acknowledged Waspinator as Thrust. Perhaps it was after this event that Silverbolt become aware of what he was doing as Jetstorm.


3H Enterprises

Sadly, Silverbolt's happiness would not last long. In the BotCon exclusive storyline Transformers: Universe, Silverbolt and several other heroes of the Beast Machines era welcomed the Autobot heroes of The Great War back to Cybertron. However, all of them were transported away by Unicron. Reformatted into a new body (a purple and yellow version of his Beast Wars Fuzor body). Forced to fight for Unicron's amusement (and unbeknownst to all, so that the Spark energy from fallen combatants could revitalize his own shattered frame), Silverbolt would team up with the Autobot Trailbreaker, swapping Sparks (and bodies) to free themselves from their cells. All were subsequently freed by the resurrected Optimus Primal, but with a price - Blackarachnia had been corrupted by Unicron's power and now willingly served the Chaos-Bringer. As she had once done for him, Silverbolt vowed to bring her back to the side of good.

Silverbolt also appeared in the 2004 BotCon voice actor play. When Rhinox's attempts to stop Unicron pulling victims from alternate realities resulted in two groups of dimensionally-displaced Autobots being marooned on frozen planetoids, Silverbolt was sent alongside Waspinator and Rattrap to help. They ended up battling Unicron's minions alongside a crew of time-lost Autobots (Bumblebee, Cosmos and Tracks) and the two groups of Autobots they had been sent to help (both from the RiD universe), and, with Rhinox's help, sent them back to their own times and realities.

Fun Publications

Although Universe ended at issue #3, the flashback of Optimus Prime would reveal what happened. In the final battle between the forces of Optimus Primal and Unicron, the Chaos-Bringer had disappeared (due to the events of Transformers: Energon), with Primal's forces barely making it out. Silverbolt was seen carrying away Blackarachnia.[8]

IDW Publishing

Silverbolt had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing.[9]

TFcon comics

Cheetor, Dinobot, Rattrap and Silverbolt charge into battle in Days of Wreckening

Silverbolt appears in the TFcon 2012 live script reading prelude comic. In this story Cheetor, Dinobot Rattrap and Silverbolt discover three Constructicons and some Predacons on prehistoric Earth and are joined by the Wreckers .[10]

Blackarachnia and Silverbolt in Grab and Go

Silverbolt appeared in the TFcon 2013 live script reading Grab and Go, where he and Blackarachnia are abducted by Bikemurder.


Silverbolt in the Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals game

Silverbolt appears as a character in the 1999 video game Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals. The Playstation version of the game included a loading screen that displayed the statistics of Tarantulas, stating that he was 260 centimeters tall and weighed 2000 kilograms.


  • Kenner Transformers Beast Wars Deluxe Fuzor Silverbolt (1998)
A Deluxe sized Maximal Fuzor who combined traits of a grey wolf and an eagle. Came with 2 missile/feathers.[11] This toy was later redecoed into BotCon Windrazor[12]
This toy is 1/14 scale and featured 3.5mm grip hands.
  • Beast Wars Metals Deluxe Silverbolt (1999)
A slight redeco of the Silverbolt toy was released in Japan as part of their Beast Wars Metals line. This version featured slightly more show-accurate colors.
  • Beast Machines Basic Silverbolt (2000)
A basic sized Maximal condor, Silverbolt was one of the smallest Maximal figures, but was the tallest in the show. Like most Beast Machines toys, the colors of the toy and show character of Silverbolt did not match. In the show, he was purple with yellow highlights, but as a toy he was red and blue with rainbow feathers.
Universe Deluxe Silverbolt toy
  • Universe Deluxe Fuzor Silverbolt (2003)
The original Fuzor toy redecoed into purple and bright yellowish-green, with silver and red deco across his beast mode back. This coloration is somewhat similar to those seen previously for Silverbolt in the Beast Machine animated series.
This figure got four and a half stars out of five from Educational Child Toy.[13]
  • Beast Wars Returns Basic Silverbolt (2005)
The Japanese release of the Beast Machines toy was recolored into show accurate colors.


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