Silke Pan

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Silke Pan
Born January 11, 1973
Bonn, Germany
Nationality Swiss
Occupation Para-athletics

Silke Pan (born January 11, 1973) is a German and Swiss handbike athlete living in Aigle , Switzerland.[1]

Early Life

Silke Pan, a professional contortionist performer for 15 years and trained at Berlin's National Circus School, saw her life change dramatically in 2007 after falling from a trapeze.[2][3][1][4]

Since then, she has pursued a successful career as a disabled athlete, allowing her to master her new physique[5][6][3][7] [8]She changes the page to reunite with her first love: the circus, after collecting medals from Europe and throughout the world on a handbike and travelling up to 80 passes with the strength of her arms.[9][10]

In Switzerland, education provides suitable measures for children and adolescents who have exceptional educational requirements due to a mental or physical handicap.[11][12]

Twiice scientists designed the exoskeleton that allows Silke Pan to walk over obstacles for four years. Silke Pan competed in Zurich against nine competitors from five countries (the United States, Russia, Korea, India, and France).[13][14]

The Cirque de Noël de Moudon becomes the first in the world to welcome an artist in a wheelchair, after Silke Pan returns to the circus fourteen years after the incident. [15]

Professional Career

SIlke Pan has ridden to the top of several passes, some of which were more than 100 kilometers long.[16]

At the marathon in Heidelberg in 2013, she sets the world record.[1]

In 2019, Silke Pan visited and crossed 30 Swiss lakes on a course of 980 kilometers as part of the Le Tour des Lacs project.[17]

In 2021, at UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships, the women’s H4 title raced over 58.8km, saw Jennette Jansen of The Netherlands earn gold in 1:49:49 from Swiss riders Sandra Stockli, who clocked 1:51:52, and Silke Pan, who finished in 1:52:07.[18][19]


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