Shiba Inu NFT Comicbook

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Shiba Inu NFT Comicbook Ponishare-verified.png

Shiba Inu NFT Comicbook
Native name Shiba Inu NFT Comicbook

Berki Ferenc is a Hungarian NFT-ARTIST, who was the first NFT-Comicbook Artist, who created the Space-X (Shiba Inu), The Marshmello, and Fortnite-X Comicbooks, before Shiba Inu went viral in 2021. From the Space-X printed Comicbooks 6 printed editions were created, from the Fortnite-X Comics, 4 pieces, from the Marshmello, 2 pieces. The Estimated Price of the Space-X(Shiba Inu)Comicbooks are 70.000 dollars of a piece. The Estimated Price of the Fortnite and Marshmello Comicbooks are about 43.000 dollars. The Comicbooks have an outstanding rarity,because Mr.Berki Ferenc a validated inventor and artist, (Articles:, LinkedIn), The 6 existing printed edition of The Shiba Comics are not ruled, their value cannot be stopped, The first piece were sold for 2 Bitcoins, The Second were sold by an Auction-Institute for an unknown price. The Comicbook built from: 1 Cover Page, 1 Inner-cover, 4 Internal Pages, 1 inner-back page and 1 Back Cover.

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E-mail: [email protected]