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Unique Toys character
Unique Toys Sharpclaw box
Created by

Unique Toys
Release number

Aliases War Leo
Species Transformer


Beasticons, RoCons
Alternate mode

Mechanical lion/torso

"One on three at the same time is more."

Sharpclaw is a fictional character and third-party Transformer created by Unique Toys in 2013 as an homage to the 1986 Transformer Razorclaw.

Unique Toys

Sharpclaw is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Razorclaw created by Unique Toys in 2013. He turns from robot to lion and becomes the torso of War Lord.

Sharpclaw has the same alternate mode and colors as Razorclaw.

Other third-party Transformer homages to Razorclaw include Mastermind Creations Leo Dux.


The Beasticons are based on Takara art of Predaking that was printed in Comic Bon Bon magazine and a custom created by TFW2005 member rosedjs.[1]

When being developed Sharpclaw was initially called War Leo.

Robot Kingdom released comparison photos of War Leo and War Hawk with TFC Toys Structor and Classic Ultra Magnus.[2]

In package images of Sharpclaw first appeared online in December 2013. It shipped later that month.


  • Unique Toys UT-W05 Sharpclaw (2013)
An original mold by Unique Toys. Turns from humanoid robot to robotic lion or becomes the torso and head of War Lord. Comes with a handgun, two shoulder cannons and a set of wings, head and sword for War Lord.



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