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Shanti Lal Bhana Ponishare-verified.png
Shanti Lal Bhana
Shanti Lal Bhana
Born Shanti Lal Prajapat
12 July 1998
Indarwara Pali , Rajasthan, india
Nationality Indian
Occupation Entrepreneur, Musician & influencer
Years active 2021—Presents
Notable works Entrepreneur & Musician

Shanti Lal Bhana is an Indian Entrepreneur, Musician, Influencer & Indian Blogger. He was born on 12 July 1998 in Indarwara, Pali, Rajasthan. He is the active ceo and founder of "Label By Bhana",& Bhana Digital Media, a digital marketing company.

Early Life

Shanti Lal Bhana Has Established A Reputation As A Successful, Entrepreneur, Musician. Is An Indian Entrepreneur, Musical Artist. Instagram Personality From Rajasthan, India. He Is Known For His Instagram Model And Instagram Content Creator. Is A Young Entrepreneur & Musician On The Rise, He Himself Owns A Huge Followers Network On The Instagram Platform To Entertain And Make His Followers Laugh He Is Committed To Growing His Platform And Spreading Positively And Laugher Through His Pages On The Platform. He Owns The Pages @Shantilalbhana With Many Opportunities That Come With His Big Number Of Followers. On Instagram He Goes By “Shanti Lal Bhana” As His Name That Everyone Knows Him By.

Shanti Lal Prajapat, better known as Shanti Lal Bhana is an Indian Entrepreneur,Musical Artist, influencer, blogger. He was introduced to the music industry introducing his first song "Dark dreamless on SoundCloud first. After a few days he releases his song on various music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, JioSaavn and many more. Shanti Lal Bhana has released his songs on foreign music streaming platforms such as Deezer, Tidal and Napster. You can find Shanti Lal Bhana music on TikTok, Instagram or the Facebook library too. Basically, Shanti Lal Bhana is starting his first career as a technical blogger or YouTuber. As is often the case later, you enter the music industry. Now if you search on youtube about Shanti Lal Bhana then you will find all the information about Shanti Lal Bhana. YouTube has officially confirmed its youtube channel as an official artist. Youtube has given him a music badge on youtube. Google also officially confirmed Shanti Lal Bhana in their google search. You will find the official information panel of Shanti Lal Bhana in google search.


Founder and CEO At Label By Bhana He Founded Music Video Production & digital marketing Company Label By Bhana

Label By Bhana Provide Music & Entertainment Videos, We Provide Various Types Of Services .


Shanti Lal Prajapat, known professionally as 'Shanti Lal Bhana' is an Indian, artist, Entrepreneur, YouTuber Personality & Influencer based in Pali , Rajasthan (India). Born on 12 - July - 1998 in Small Village Indarwara. And He Belongs to Middle Class family His Father Mr. Dhala Ram Prajapat is a Farmer, and his Mother Smt. Madhu Devi is a household lady. After the completion of his higher education, 'Shanti Lal Bhana' enrolled in “Rajasthan University of Health Science jaipur, Rajasthan University " He is also works as on an digital Marketer (Entrepreneur) he uses to promote companies through Instagram 'Shanti Lal Bhana' is also well known 'Influencer' personality on Instagram and Facebook and many more Social Media platform !'Shanti Lal Bhana' said if you can think then you can do it as well doesn't matter whether you thinking about to fly without wings or want to be a rich as Ambani's are.


Year Title
2022 Dark Dreamless Shanti Lal Bhana
  • Release: January 28
    • Label: Label By Bhana
Year Title
2022 Tera Mera Roll Shanti Lal Bhana
  • Release: January 28
      • Label: Label By Bhana

Artist Streaming Profile

Streaming Platform Artist Profile Link
Spotify Shanti Lal Bhana On Spotify
JioSaavn Shanti Lal Bhana On JioSaavn
Apple Music Shanti Lal Bhana On Apple Music
Amazon Music Shanti Lal Bhana On Amazon Music
Tidal Shanti Lal Bhana On boom Play Music
YouTube Shanti Lal Bhana On YouTube
Gaana Shanti Lal Bhana On Music Gaana


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