Shakila Parvin

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Shakila Parvin Ponishare-verified.png
Native name শাকিলা পারভিন
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education BSc Hons in Economics from BUBT
Occupation Model & Actress
Years active 2018 to present
Known for Modeling, Acting
Height 5 fit 4 inches
Religion Muslim

Shakila Parvin is a Bangladeshi Actress, Model, Dancer and Social Influencer. She is active in drama and modeling. She has gained a lot of popularity by acting as a model in the songs of Belal Khan, Kazi Shubh, Shaon Songwala, Imran, Milan, Momin Khan, Mahdi Sultan, and many others. The screenplay that has been most popular as a model in the music video of the song is the Mahdi Sultan’s ‘To Your Mind’.


Shakila Parvin started as a music video modelling . Tor mon para song is the most 2nd views song in Bangladesh. This is her 2nd music video. First music video is BEPOROA mon by Shawon Gaan-wala & many more. Now she started her Acting Career.

According to Shakila, acting is really very difficult. However, acting is her love. She wants to be a good actress. In her first play, Mir Sabbie’s and Ahana assisted her to make her character appear. Shakila Parveen has no desire to work in cinema even though she is interested in acting regularly in childhood. Shakila’s first play ‘Second Hand Husband’ will be aired on SA TV next Eid. Shakila has also been praised as a model for the national film award winning Belal Khan’s ‘Abir Bazi’ song. She is doing a BSc in Economics at BUBT.

Shakila Parveen’s popularity as a music video model makes her even more interested in working on new music videos. In the meantime, many more artists have been modeled on new music videos. The lyrics of the upcoming sacrifice have been published on YouTube. However, Shakila’s most popular role as a model in the music video of the song is the Mahdi Sultan’s song ‘To Mann Paraye’. Jisan Khan Shubh has written and composed this song. Ayan Chakladar composed the music.

In the meantime, the song has been enjoyed by more than 18 million viewers. Popular model Shakila Parveen plays in a drama for the first time. He played in the second-hand Hazband play directed by SM Rubel. In it, she played the role of Mir Sabbir’s lover. Meanwhile, Shakila said that the scene was finished. Another important character played in this drama is Ahana Rahman. Shakila said, “Acting as a model in a music video is actually acting. But it is true, acting in drama is quite different.