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SEO Specialist Ponishare-verified.png
Native name Md Hazrat Ali
Born 5 August 1995 (1995-08-05) (age 28)
Residence Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladesh
Occupation Engineer ,SEO Specialist
Known for SEO Specialist
Notable works Digital Marketing , Head Of Royalx


Md. Hazrat Ali is an Engineer and SEO Specialist. He was born in August 5, 1995 in Singra,Natore District in Bangladesh

Early life

Md. Hazrat Ali and his venture, RoyalxIT, which is a digital services marketplace. This platform was launched in 2013 with the goal of providing freelancers with more opportunities and better earnings by offering low-cost fees and connecting them with a wide range of projects. Hazrat Ali, with over 10 years of digital marketing experience, recognized the need for such a platform and decided to create RoyalxIT.

RoyalxIT aims to serve both newcomers to the freelance industry and experienced professionals, allowing them to find online job opportunities and showcase their skills to potential clients. This platform aligns with Hazrat Ali's passion for digital marketing and his desire to contribute to the growth of the industry.

It's worth noting that the success of such platforms often depends on factors like user engagement, the quality of services offered, and the ability to attract both freelancers and clients to the platform. If you have specific questions or need more information about RoyalxIT or Md. Hazrat Ali, please feel free to ask.


Md. Hazrat Ali is an Engineer and Digital Marketing expert. He was born in August 5, 1995 in Singra,Natore District in Bangladesh. Now I am Working The head of a digital marketing department Royalx Software Company.Work Experience Digital Marketing Professional Trainer Learning & Earning Development Govt Project-2020