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Sean creighton
Musical artist,

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Native name Sean Creighton
Born 20th April 1970
Portland, Maine, USA
Residence 'Hollywood, Florida, USA
Nationality American
Education Bachelor of Science- Nursing at '''Westbrook College, Maine, USA'''
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Federal Investigator, Commander, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, ukulele, percussion)
Years active 1990
Known for Singer, songwritter, live performer, livestream, multi-instrumentalist.
Height 5'10"
Religion Spiritual
Parents Daniel Creighton Donna Creighton


Sean Creighton is an American singer, songwriter and musician who has been writing music for over three decades. He started performing in homeless shelters 20 years ago in Florida with the goal of making someone smile. More recently, Sean gained international recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic where fans all across the globe tuned to social media to enjoy his free live-stream performances from the safety of their own homes. Sean was born in Portland, Maine on April 20, 1970, and he had a keen interest in music from an early age. Sean picked up a guitar and started learning to play when he was 19 years old and immediately began creating and playing his own songs with fellow musicians after work. Sean’s musical influences growing up in Maine were Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elton John, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Walter Trout, BB King and Sammy Hagar. Sean had the privilege of seeing many live performances by Walter Trout and The Grateful Dead.


Sean is a multi-instrumentalist who sings the songs he writes while playing his electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano keyboard. His free live-stream concerts draw people from across the globe, including the United States, Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Dubai, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, in addition to many other regions. Sean Creighton is a National Expert Federal Investigator and Nursing Officer, commissioned after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in Portland, Maine in 1996. He has traveled extensively for his work which sends him around the world. He has been to 65 countries, visited most of the 52 States in the United States for business and pleasure and has traveled the full circumference of the globe on at least three separate trips. Sean also deploys within the United States to help people in disaster situations such as hurricanes, nursing crises, and to provide care to people suffering from COVID-19 in some of the hardest hit areas. Sean always travels with his musical instruments, and he writes songs wherever he is in the world. Many of his most popular songs were written when he was abroad, for example “Baby, Baby, Baby We Could Be Good” © 2017 was written in his head while walking the streets in Denmark after work. His Piano song, “I Miss You Like Crazy” © 2021 was written while camping in Colorado, and his Ukulele song “I Love the Way that You Love” © 2021 was written on a cross country USA road trip. Sean performs his songs on the streets of whatever country he has the opportunity to be in. He has played on the streets in China, France, Israel, Taiwan, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, USA, Costa Rica, and Japan. He has been phenomenally successful playing for thousands of citizens on the streets in China, and over the past two decades, the Chinese people have grown to have a great affinity and respect for the American singer who pours his heart out through song on the streets for them. In fact, Sean has gained hundreds of followers on the popular Chinese app, WeChat, as a result of his street performances. World citizens have come to respect and support that Sean performs his own songs while traveling, for free, just to make someone smile.Sean Creighton’s musical journey expanded in 2020, as he continued to grow musically with virtual vocal, piano and guitar lessons. This continuing education in songwriting, music theory, piano exploration and melody creation allowed him to go back through the more than 100 songs he has written and improve and “tighten” them up. Sean posted more than 45 of his original songs in a live format on YouTube in 2020 alone. He continues to write, produce, perform and post his new songs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to all his social media platforms.


In 2021, Sean Creighton’s channel was monetized and in 2022 he became a verified google knowledge panel member and started posting his songs through a distributor to multiple platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music which currently lists three of his newest songs: “Hurricane” © 2021 (acoustic guitar), “Can you feel” © 2021 (piano synthesizer) and “Baby Can you Be My Christmas” © 2019 (Electric guitar). All of Sean Creighton’s songwriting work is copyrighted in the US Library of Congress and is registered with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc®). He is a member of BMI and registers his songs monthly. When not traveling, Sean calls the east coast of Florida home where he has a music studio and enjoys the expansive coastline. Sean is health conscious and swims and exercises daily in addition to eating the most natural foods possible. He is also an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, snorkeling, deep sea diving and camping.

Sean Creighton’s musical goal of making someone smile while he performs is achieved at least once a week as he broadcasts live to his over 30,000 social media followers on multiple platforms including: Instagram Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and and

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