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Transformers character
Scuba on Beast Wars Second
Name Scuba
Series Beast Wars II
First appearance Beast Wars II episode #1, "The Birth of a New Army"
Alternate modes Squid
Function Marine Operations
Motto "I do not need to speak to prove my skill. My skill speaks for itself."
Rank 5
Sub-group Basic Beasts

Scuba is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1997. He should not be confused with Claw Jaw, who has an identical toy, but is treated as a seperate character.

Beast Wars II

When the Japanese exclusive Beast Wars II series came out the toy of Claw Jaw was recast as the Maximal Scuba.

A squid mode Transformer and thereby one of the fastest in the water of the Maximals, Scuba grasps his enemies in his tentacles, drains their energy with his suckers, then delivers the final blow with his sharp fangs. A shy type, given the choice, he prefers to be alone, and he is quick to see the down side of things. Somehow, he is gifted with great penmanship, and is asked to write love letters, battle challenges and so on. "I said I wouldn't do it, so forget it!" he usually responds. Often makes squid-related puns. His cousin is Ikard. [1]

Animated series

Bighorn first appeared in episodes #1 of Beast Wars II, called "The Birth of a New Army."

In episode #21, "The Tentacular Scuba" Bighorn develops a crush on the female Seacon Scylla, but she only has eyes for the Maximal Scuba.


IDW Publishing

Scuba appeared among the rioting transformers on Cybertron in issue #4 of Beast Wars: The Ascending.

Scuba had a biography printed in the Beast Wars Sourcebook by IDW Publishing. [2]


In "The Maximal Brainwashing Project" Starscream and BB were able to capture Diver and the Tasmanian Kid, brainwashing them into serving the Predacons. Meanwhile Leo Prime, Apache and Scuba were able to capture Dirge and Thrust. The shock of being damaged in capture had the side effect of making the Predacons think they were Maximals. Diver and the Kid were able to ambush the Maximals, allowing Galvatron to gain the upper hand on Lio Convoy, but the Maximals were aided by Dirge and Thrust. Furious that Lio had seemingly stolen his brainwashing idea Starscream had BB attacked the Maximals. Megastorm found the whole turn of events amusing and planned to use his main cannon to destroy all the Maximals and Predacons in the conflict, becoming the leader of the Predacons. His attack took so long to charge Diver was able to ruin it with a water geyser. The explosion was enough to shock the brainwashed Maximals back to their senses. Galvatron and the Predacons retreated with Dirge and Thrust in tow. [3]


Scuba appears in the 1999 Gameboy Color video game Ketō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteisen.


  • Beast Wars II Scuba (1997)
This toy was redecoed into Beast Wars Second Ikard; a blue and white Lucky Draw version was also released.