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Sanjay Chakravarti  (born 11 January 1993 Nalanda, Bihar) is an Indian Computer Science Engineer and technology Investor.

Sanjay Chakravarti
Born 1993/01/11
Nationality Indian
Citizenship Indian
Education B.Tech in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University
Alma mater Lovely Professional University
Occupation Entrepreneur, Engineer
Parents Anil Prasad, Dharmshila Devi

Early Life

Sanjay Chakravarti was born in Nalanda, Bihar on 11th January 1993 and brought up to Anil Prasad and Dharmshila Devi in Nalanda, raised in a middle-class family. He earned his Bachelor of Technology Degree in Computer Science from Lovely Professional University.


Sanjay Chakravarti started his career as a software engineer, and have done multiple job in several companies. Later, He started his own software development company, known as Preferwork[1] which aims to enable rural clients toward the digital world through providing website and application at reasonable cost. He also support lot of startup,and act as a Technology Investor for early stage startups like Medishala, REDN and many more.[2]

In 2021, He joined Campus Varta, as a director Bihar,a based ed-tech startup which aim is to connect rural students to digital world, and have been serving till now along with Ranjan Mistry, Founder of Campus Varta and Mohammad Amanullah,CTO of Campus Varta. He is also board member of Womenia Technology Private Limited which has several subsidiaries brands like Womenia Story, Ridek and so on.[3][4]


Sanjay Chakravarti with Ranjan Mistry, ,Founder & Mohammad Amanullah, CTO

He has won several award in their college life, and has been recognized for his contribution toward enabling tech in startup ecosystem.

Sanjay Chakravarti