Salil Kareer

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Salil Kareer
Born Salil Kareer.
14 August 2003.
Nationality Indian.
Occupation Digital Marketing Executive.
Known for Digital Marketing.

Every Life

Salil Kareer is a Digital Marketing Executive. He began his journey at an early age. He has been working hard to achieve his ambitions. Salil is always driven to innovation, and he was a curious learner.

With time his diligence paid off. Digital marketing has grown in popularity over time, and some businesses prefer it over traditional marketing. As a result, Salil Kareer decided to take his first step into Digital Marketing and join Codesoftic Tech Private Limited.


Salil has gained a lot of success within a short period. But in his initial phase, he faced too many hardships and struggles. But over time. Now he helps to grow small-scale and medium-scale businesses with his innovative strategies and ideas.

Salil considers himself a “forever student” eager to build new and up-to-date marketing strategies to aid him to flourish in the marketing industry. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action and spot opportunities in new and existing markets has contributed to his recent achievements.

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