Sagar Sinha

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Sagar Sinha
Sagar Sinha
Born 22 November 1988 (1988-11-22) (age 35)
Bhagalpur, Bihar, India
Residence Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Education Bachelor of Science
Alma mater Kuvempu University
Occupation Motivational Speaker
Height 171 centimetres
Weight 90 kilograms
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Suprita Sinha
  • Bebi Sinha
  • Samrendra Sinha

Sagar Sinha is an Indian motivational speaker known for his impactful talks and ability to empower individuals to reach their full potential. With fluency in Hindi and English, he effectively communicates his messages to a diverse audience, resonating with people from different walks of life.

Early Life

Sagar Sinha was born on November 6, 1988, in Bhagalpur, India. From a young age, he displayed a passion for motivating and inspiring others.


Sagar Sinha is widely recognized for his expertise in personal development and has gained significant acclaim as a motivational speaker. Through his speeches, workshops, and coaching sessions, he has inspired countless individuals to overcome obstacles, set ambitious goals, and take proactive steps toward achieving their dreams.

Physical Appearance

Sagar Sinha stands at a height of 5.6 feet and weighs 90 kg. His eye color and hair color are unknown.


Sagar Sinha completed his schooling at Hisua High School. He later pursued a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Kuvempu University.


With a background in Information Technology, Sagar Sinha combines his technical knowledge with his motivational skills, offering a unique perspective on personal growth in the digital age. His ability to bridge the gap between technology and personal development has made him a sought-after speaker in both corporate and educational settings.


Sagar Sinha's impact as a motivational speaker has been widely acknowledged. Sagar’s engaging talks and coaching have helped numerous individuals unlock their true potential and achieve their goals. Sagar Sinha’s ability to inspire and empower has garnered him a loyal following and recognition in the field of personal development.


  • He holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Kuvempu University.
  • Sagar Sinha maintains an active online presence through his website and various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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