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Russell Clay (known affectionately as Rusty, though usually to his chagrin) is the son of Denny Clay and an ally of the Autobots in Robots in Disguise.


Aligned Continuity

Animated series

At the time of the premier episode of Robots in Disguise, Russell has come to live with his father for unknown reasons; the absence of his mother coupled with the information that he had been living elsewhere seems to indicate that his parents are separated or divorced. Russell is disappointed to be forced to live in his father's scrapyard, preferring the idea of living in nearby Crown City. His attitude soon changes when the Autobots under Bumblebee arrive on Earth in answer to the threat of a horde of Decepticons who have escaped the crashed prison ship Alchemor. Making fast friends with the otherworldly visitors, Russell also became one of their most valuable new allies, helping them to understand Earth culture and covering for them in the events that they encountered other humans.

Though Russell initially struggled to befriend other children, he soon made a firm-if surprising-friend in a girl his own age who went by the name Hank.

Fun Publications

An alternate version of Russell appeared in one of Wheeljack's chapters of Renegade Rhetoric.