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Native name Runway Waiters

Runway Waiters
Founded : 2009

Address : Los Angeles
Nationality United States
Years active

2020 to present

CEO & Founder : Ernest Sturm
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Runway Waiters is a unique agency that provides high fashion models, skilled in bar-tending, serving, brand promoting and hosting, for upscale events, store openings and private parties.

Runway Waiters was established in the interest of providing exceptional staff for a wide range of events. Whether a client is putting together a business convention, a film premiere, or an art gallery opening, we understand the importance of having poised, attractive staff to be the face of their event, and have designed our company around that concept. The people working at your event are a reflection of you, and at Runway Waiters we want to help you put your best foot forward.


On our website, you have at your fingertips a headshot directory to choose from of men and women who can serve, bartend, promote, or greet at your event. All of our models are trained professionals who have experience working in a variety of settings – from runways to cocktail parties, fashion shows to promotional events. As the only staffing firm in the U.S working exclusively with agency-signed models, such as Wilhelmina, Ford, NEXT, Vision, we at Runway Waiters look forward to providing you with the highest caliber service each and every time.

Runway Waiters works from coast to coast to put beautiful, professional models at your fingertips from Los Angeles to New York City. Wherever your event is taking place, our premier party servers and model bartenders will be able to take care of your needs.


Our expert models can bring a level of class and charisma to any type of event you’re hosting. Their flexibility and professionalism make them highly teachable and ready to learn about and represent your brand, product or event with flair. Our model event staffing services include:

In-store services: Whether greeting customers, hosting product kiosks or serving food and drinks, our models can bring your in-store production to the next level. From serving to bartending, our models will make each customer that comes through your doors feel like royalty. Event staff: From brand ambassadors to charismatic greeters, our models will bring a noticeable style and charm to any event you host. We ensure our models are outfitted to match the look of the night, leaving your guests wowed at the level of excellence and detail put into every part of the night. Catering staff: No matter what type of event or party you are hosting, our models can bring it to the next level through first-class catering services. Their attention to detail, punctual mentality and courteous attitudes will keep your event flowing smoothly and every guest carefully attended to. Promotional models and brand ambassadors: Our models are more than just pretty faces. They serve as highly professional and intelligent promotional models and brand ambassadors, able to answer questions about your product and bring a fresh, inspiring look to your brand. Event planning: Book with us today for help coordinating events and hiring the right wait staff, servers and bartenders for your party. We can help bring your event to a truly unforgettable level. Bartenders for hire: Our premium event staffing models are also skilled and certified bartenders, trained in the art of crafting delicious cocktails and serving beer and wine. Beyond their visual appeal and confident personalities, our expert bartenders will bring a level of excellence and class to every drink they pour. Trade show and convention models: Our models are perfectly poised representatives for your brand at your next trade show or convention event. Whether you have a need for staff to work on the floor greeting customers, answer questions or perform product demonstrations, our models can meet your needs with an extra luxury twist. Doormen service: When you need attractive, welcoming professionals to meet your most important guests at the door and let them in, we can station our best models to impress each and every visitor. These inviting individuals will stay by the doors and help your attendees feel welcome and excited for the event to come from the moment they arrive. Street team: Our models are outgoing, charismatic and confident, making them the perfect street team of brand ambassadors to promote your product. They’re comfortable and skilled at inspiring and engaging crowds during promotional events. They’ll adeptly field questions, encourage customers to try your product and leave each crowd member with a positive view of your product and brand.

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