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Rui Pereira
Nationality Canadian
Occupation architect, impresario
Known for Re-opening classic cinemas

Rui Pereira is a Canadian intern architect, living in Toronto, Ontario, who branched out into operating cinemas.[1][2]

In 2009, Pereira managed the re-opening of the Kingsway Theatre on Toronto's Bloor Street.[3][2] He also played a lead role in the leasing, and renovation of the nearby Humber Cinemas.[4][5]

Pereira had worked part time at the Humber, while attending university.[3]

A dispute triggered a surprise shutdown of the Humber, just as film buffs were celebrating its successful re-opening.[6][7] Claude Bitton, the property speculator who owned the building, locked Pereira and his management team out, claiming Pereira had misinterpreted terms of the lease that allowed his team rent rebates in return for paying for renovations, and purchasing new theatre equipment.


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