Rolfi Ferreira Cruz

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Rolfi Ferreira Cruz is a suspect in an attempted murder in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, on June 9, 2019.[1] He is also a suspect in two armed robberies in New Jersey on December 22, 2017.[2][3]

Cruz confessed to the June 9th shooting that injured David Ortiz, a Dominican who became a popular baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, and Jhoel Lopez, a local Dominican journalist.[3] He claimed he was supposed to shoot Sixto David Fernandez. He said he was confused because he was only told the color of his target's clothing, and he didn't realize that both Ortiz and Fernandez were wearing white. Dominican Prosecution spokesman Erick Montilla voiced skepticism over Cruz's claim. According to CNN Montilla said "he doubted any Dominican would not recognize David Ortiz and that Ferreira Cruz was making up a "story" to avoid being 'lynched' in jail."