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Robot Manuel X
Mech IDeas character
Mech IDeas Robot Manuel X box
Created by

Mech IDeas
Species Transformer
Relatives Robot Basil Z (spark mate)


Heroic Eliminators
Alternate mode


He doesn't have one

"When do I get to see the sailboat?"

Robot Manuel X is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Robot Man X created by Mech IDeas in 2013.

Mech IDeas

Robot Manuel X is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 2 Robot Man X created by Mech IDeas. He turns into from robot to Cybertronian jet. His weapons include two guns and a hammer.

Robot Manuel X's character and name is an homage to the character Manuel on the 1970's situation comedy Fawlty Towers.


The mold that was used for Robot Manuel X was designed by Cassy Sark under the name Mel Warner.

Robot Manuel X was announced as a 2013 Auto Assembly exclusive in April 2013.[1]


In the moonbase2 podcast for April 17th, 2013 Robot Manual X's announcement was covered in the news. The hosts thought it cost a bit much, but they were interested in it. They said his colors looked like a Brave series robot.[2]

The WTF@TFW podcast for April 19th, 2013 selected Robot Manuel X as one of the New Picture Picks. Vangelus liked the name.[3]

The moonbase2 podcast for June 17th, 2013 covered Mech Ideas Project Z, Prototype X and Robot Manuel X in the news.[4]

Fictional biography

From an alternate dimension populated by Next Generation of Mirror Mirror robots, this heroic Eliminatior might look funky with his 80s beach wear colouration but personality wise, he is actually exactly the same as the Reformatted Steelian warrior Apex, if Apex was a disenfranchised stoner, Generation X, mall dwelling bum. He did have a job once, as a waiter in one of Planet Steel's most famous hotels, Salty Towers. There he was often bullied by his aggressive boss who used to pin the blame on Robot Manuel for every little mistake, and he often resorted to physically beating Robot Manuel in a slapstick manner. His boss once mentioned the war around a group of visiting Eliminators, but he thinks he got away with it.


  • Reprolabels Heroic Decepticons Redux Emblems
A set of Shattered Glass Generation 2 Decepticon symbols exclusive to Captured Prey.[5]
  • Mech IDeas Robot Manuel X (2013)
A recolor of Apex. Turns from robot to Cybertronian jet. Comes with two guns, and a 3 part hammer accessory. Sold exclusively at Auto Assembly 2013.
The toy for Robot Manuel X is identical the to TFcon exclusive Prototype X, but they are separate characters. Limited to 250 pieces split between Auto Assembly and TFcon.



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