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Robert Hilmer
Nationality British
Occupation Investor and Entrepreneur

Robert Hilmer is an Investor and Entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of Goanna Capital, his investment firm focused on private companies in the global internet, software, consumer, and financial technology industries.[1]

He was formerly the head of business development of the San Francisco-based Equidate platform founded in 2014 and backed by well-known Silicon Valley investors Scott Banister and Charlie Cheever.[1]


Robert attended St. Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from The University of Queensland in 2010.


He has managed millions of dollars for billionaires around the world and packed plenty into his burgeoning career in the US. He talked his way into trading floor jobs at prestigious New York financial firms such as Royal Bank of Scotland fresh out of the University of Queensland, he has helped build a fast-growing tech investment start-up from a living room floor in San Francisco.

After a stint working at prominent US billionaire Phillippe Laffont’s hedge fund helping invest $US30bn ($40.4bn) around the world, he now runs his own business. His company, Goanna Capital is about to top $500m funds under the management mark about 10 months after he founded it. Goanna Capital invests in technology start-ups at the pre-initial public offering stage, raising $US250m for its second fund after quickly raising $US150m last year for the first fund He said in an interview.

"I realised I was an entrepreneur at heart but If you’d have told me this would have been my life 11 or 12 years ago I would have said you’ve lost your mind"[2]

He currently flits between New York and Utah, a far cry from when he worked at a BWS bottle shop

As for the future, he talks about perhaps returning to Australia one day and pursuing a political career. He advises budding entrepreneurs to think about following his unconventional path. [1]