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Reza Abbaszadeh
Born 16 September 1998 (1998-09-16) (age 25)
Nationality Germany
  • Master of business administration
Alma mater University of Vienna
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2018-present
  • Abbaszadeh Enterprises
  • BaxBeauty
Known for Entrepreneur
Net worth US$12 million (April 2020)

Reza Abbaszadeh (born 16 September 1998)[1] is an entrepreneur,[2] self-made millionaire and business owner[3] Abbaszadeh is the founder and CEO of multi-national company Abbaszadeh Enterprises with a net worth of more than $12 million.[4] He has developed a social media app called BaxBeauty.[5]

He also wrote 2 books named DOMINATING THE BUYER and DEN KÄUFER BEHERRSCHEN.[6] For his great achievement, Reza Abbaszadeh was awarded as "The Youngest Iranian Businessman" in 2019[7]

Early life and education

Reza Abbaszadeh was born in Tabriz, Iran.[8] He emigrated from Iran to Hungary for continuing his further education. Before he moved to Vienna, Reza had studied his pre-university course in Budapest. After he passed the entrance exam, he entered Vienna university.[9]


Reza was more passionate about having his own business so he founded his first company when he was 19. In February 2019 he established his first investment company Abbaszadeh Capital in Vancouver, Canada. In May 2020 he expand his business in Germany and started his second company called Abbaszadeh University.[10] Later in 2020, Reza decided to merge both his companies and operate under the name of Abbaszadeh Enterprises.[11] In August 2020, he managed to start his third company called Abbaszadeh Technologies to develop his social media app BaxBeauty.[12]


  • The Youngest Iranian Businessman[8]

Personal life

Reza’s personal life is intertwined during the past years, Reza has focused more about his professional life. Reza Abbaszadeh consults for multiple-fortune 9 investment banking companies around the world along with helping boards and entrepreneurs on M&A transactions and capital raising across a broad range of industries.




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