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Reverse Convoy is an Autobot character from the Transformers franchise.


Generation 1

Reverse Convoy received no appearances in the various animated series or comics, but his tech spec mentions him as hailing from a planet called Vehicon and being an expert on energy production. However, his black hole system enabled Megatron to return to life, a major plot point in Transformers: Robot Masters.

Fun Publications

"Ask Vector Prime" later expanded on Reverse Convoy's history, revealing that he was a member of the Convoy Council alongside Lio Convoy, Fire Convoy, and Galaxy Convoy, and somewhat more humble than his Maximal counterparts. Seeking to provide his people with additional Energon sources, Reverse Convoy led a colonization effort of an abandoned mechanoid world which was orbited by a singularity. Dubbing their new home Vehicon, Reverse Convoy and his people refurbished it and soon began producing great quantities of Energon for themselves and use by Cybertron and it's various colonies. Reverse Convoy also developed a system that allowed him to draw power from the orbital singularity, which had been created by the Tripurans, the planet's lost inhabitants.

Unfortunately, Reverse Convoy's Energon Matrix drew the attention of the interdimensional terror Grand Scourge, who arrived on Vehicon and struck down the Autobot leader. However, Reverse Convoy was saved in a most unusual fashion when the displaced Spark of Megatron possessed his body, Megatron having become lost in Spacebridge transit and using a system similar to Reverse Convoy's to effect his possession of the Autobot. Rather than taking advantage of his new form, Megatron set out to reenter the conflict, only to be defeated in the Solitarium War and driven from Reverse Convoy's body. An apologetic Reverse Convoy was soon returned home, though Megatron would likewise be returned to his former state. [1] [2]


  • Reverse Convoy (2005)
A remold of Hero Megatron and Destructicon Bludgeon, with a reversible head that can appear with an Optimus Prime-like visage or that of Megatron.