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Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Reflectron unpainted test shots in camera mode
First appearance

Apollyon instruction comic, May 2015
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Aliases Opticlones
Species Transformer

Alternate mode


Reflectron is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Reflector made by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2016.

Keith's Fantasy Club


When first announced this set was called Opticlones. The name was later changed to Reflectron.

Preorders for Reflectron went up on February 2015. They were scheduled for release in July 2015.

Unpainted test shots of the Opticlones were displayed at STGCC in September 2015.

Images of Reflectron were included in the TFcon USA Third Party Panel in October 2015.[1]


Reflectron appeared in the Apollyon instructions comic. Reflectron informed Apollyon that there was an incoming transmission. In the transmission Andras reported that he and the Swarm had located Eligos and he had locked on to Apollyon's coordinates. Apollyon found this to be excellent news.


  • Keith's Fantasy Club Reflectron (2016)
An original mold by Keith's Fantasy Club. Turns from camera to three robots.



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