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Red Baron
iGear character
iGear Red Baron art
Created by

Release number

Aliases Glide
Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

Red Baron is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Powerglide by iGear.


Red Baron is a third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Powerglide by iGear.

Other third-party Transformers that homage Powerglide include Maketoys Bomber and X-Transbots Glider.


Red Baron was designed by Cassy Sark.

In June 2011 iGear released a teaser with the outlines of Dreamwave Productions art of several Autobots. One of them was based on Powerglide.[1]

In January 2012, Dillinger 3D Concept Toy Design posted a poll on its Facebook page to name their Powerglide homages. Red Baron won, with the name Thunderheart coming in second and Force Skim coming in third.[2]

In April 2013 iGear released renders of Busta and Red Baron on their Facebook page.[3]


The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for April 17th, 2013 covered iGear's teasers of Busta, Red Baron, Rocky and Stinger in the news.[4]

In the Fwooshcast podcast for April 23rd, 2013 the hosts talked about images of Busta, Cogz, Red Baron, Rocky and Stinger.[5]

The moonbase2 podcast for April 24th, 2013 covered Busta and Red Baron in the news.[6]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for May 6th, 2013 discussed prototypes of Busta, Red Baron, Rocky and Stinger in the news.[7]

The Fwooshcast podcast for May 12th, 2013 covered prototype images of Busta, Red Baron, Rocky and Stinger in the news.[8]

The moonbase2 podcast for May 14th, 2013 covered prototype images of iGear Busta, Red Barn, Rocky and Stinger in the news.[9]

The Collector Cast podcast for June 16th, 2013 mentioned iGear's Busta, Red Baron, Rocky and Stinger in the news.[10]

Fictional biography

Glide was released from his p-form batch early, and as such he was under-developed. He was originally designated for the RoBot police, but the automated detectors that decide these things found him a little small to be an automatic-trooper.

Raised away from his batch, denied entrance to the academy and mocked by his peers; Glide tried to compensate by talking himself up, never missing a chance to tell people how good he was at, well, pretty much everything. It wasn’t until Glide was given an experimental alt. mode by Medical Specialist – reverse engineered from RoCon technology – that Glide thought things might start to improve. But still, something was missing – the gift of flight further alienated Glide from his comrades – and so, he was happy to follow Faith Leader to Earth when the call came that the enigmatic RoBot leader was still alive. He hopes on Earth he can have a fresh start, maybe find himself and that certain something missing from his life.

Quite A story, huh?


  • iGear MW-10 Red Baron (unreleased)
An original third-party Transformer mold by iGear. Turns from robot to jet. Comes with a gun.



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