Realm of the Primes

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The Realm of the Primes is a mystical location outside of normal time and space associated with the Thirteen Primes-hence its name-and featured in several portions of the Transformers franchise.


Aligned Continuity

Vector Prime created the Realm of the Primes after the War of the Primes, which saw the splitting of the Thirteen and the death of some of their members. Vector Prime eventually fled to this realm, where he met Optimus Prime after the latter gathered the fragments of the Blades of Time.

Fun Publications

In an alternate reality stream, Vector Prime encountered several of his fellow Primes in the Realm of the Primes after falling in battle against Mogahn the Mass. Through their influence he was restored to his original form with his memories of the past unlocked, and Amalgamous Prime gave him instruction that allowed him to create Rhisling, the instrument of Mogahn's demise and Vector's own trusted weapon.