Razon Nakti

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Razon Nakti
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Razon Nakti
Born Razon Nakti
3 March 1998
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist
Years active 15-04-2020
Notable works How to i become a Artist

Razon Nakti (born 3 March 1998) also known as Razon Nakti is a young entrepreneur, influencer, and digital marketer. Who is known for his writing in digital marketing solutions.

Early life

Razon Nakti was born on 3 March 1998 in Shariatpur, Bangladesh. He is the youngest of his parent's two children.


His early life started from Barenda village. Nakti Studied in Radiant Pre cadet and high School, Gazipur. He passed his secondary education from Hatimara High School in 2021. Then he completed Higher secondary education from Meh Arif College in 2023.


His journey was started when he joined his first company and started working as a digital marketing expert, by that everything is changed in his life, he decided to earn their audience expect wanted them. So with his two-year job experience, he wrote his first book on digital marketing, titled "How I become a Digital Marketer". As soon as the book was published he got a huge response to his book from the audience. So he decided to become a writer and start writing books. His deep passion and determination towards writing impressed him and it took him one step further. Recently he published his second book on Entrepreneurship.

Personal life

Razon Nakti has established a reputation as a successful entrepreneur.


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