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Real Photo Of Ravindra Nath Tiwari
Native name Ravindra Nath Tiwari
Born 20 June 1969 (1969-06-20) (age 54)
Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Residence India
Nationality Indian
Education PhD from Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Jharkhand
Years active 1995 - present
Known for Editor-in-chief Bharat Varta News & Former Chief Reporter Hindustan Newspaper
Home town Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Height (5.6ft)
Religion Hindu

About Ravindra Nath Tiwari journalism & book

Dr Ravindra Nath Tiwari is the former Journalist of Hindustan Newspaper & Current Editor in chief of Bharat Varta, is also a very prominent writer who has written a few books and translated popular religious books. His most popular work, "The Santhal Insurrection - the first freedom struggle of India," depicts the famous Santhal rebellion or movement against the British atrocities. The Bihar Bhakti Andolan published the book International in 2007. It gives the readers a vivid description of the movement and how revolutionary leaders of the Santhal movement, Sido and Kanhu Murmu, helped the Santhals resurrect by breaking the forceful bonds of labour.

Although not many know that the Santhal movement was the first revolt against the oppressive dictatorship of the British raj. Which was followed by the great revolt of 1857. In his book, Dr Tiwari has described the entire culmination of the movement that began with the mobilization of 60,000 Santhal rebellions under the leadership of Sido Murmu and his brother Kanhu Murmu. Further, how they gave life to many tribal people belonging to the Santhal community and how they encouraged the people to fight for their rights and survival.

Apart from authoring a few books, Dr. Tiwari has translated religious books like Jai Mai Durga - Sri Durgasaptashati and Hanuman Chalisa to Bhojpuri. So those who are spiritually inclined toward Ma Durga and Bajrang Bali Hanuman and understand the Bhojpuri language can get copies of the same from the nearby stores. The Jai Mai Durga - Sri Durgasaptashati entails the 7 avatars of Maa Durga, whom we pray to during the Navaratri festival. Praying and doing pooja for each of Maa Durga's avatars during the seven days is considered auspicious.

The Hanuman Chalisa is the 40 verses of Lord Hanuman, who was the ardent devotee of Lord Sri Ram. Rendering the Hanuman Chalisa every day, you can acquire the qualities like Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Celibacy, and ultimate devotion to Lord Rama that Bajrang Bali Hanuman always had with him. Thus, the works of Dr Ravindra Nath Tiwari are something that you can only explore only by reading the hardcover copy of his books. Be it the Santhal Insurrection - India's first freedom struggle or the religious books like Jai Mai Durga - Sri Durgasaptashati or Hanuman Chalisa.

So, next time you want to know about the first freedom struggle of India read through the Santhal Insurrection - India's first freedom struggle by Dr Ravindra Nath Tiwari and learn about the interesting facts about the movement in detail. Also, if you are spiritually inclined and want to get blessed by Lord Bajrang Bali and Goddess Durga Maa, then Jai Mai Durga - Sri Durgasaptashati and Hanuman Chalisa translated to Bhojpuri by Dr Ravindra Nath Tiwari will be a perfect choice.