Rainmakers (Transformers)

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Blue Rainmaker, Yellow Rainmaker and Acid Storm by CHMS
Universe Transformers fictional universe
Location Cybertron
Key people Acid Storm, Sunstorm, Bitstream, and Hotlink
  • Acid rain generation
  • Flight
  • Superhuman durability
  • Superhuman strength
Affiliations Decepticons
Enemies Autobots

The Rainmakers are a set fictional characters from the Transformers series. They are inspired by three initially unnamed characters who appeared together in the original Transformers animated series.


The Rainmakers are group of Decepticons who turn into jets. Although they appeared in animated form in 1985, none of the members got official names or toys until 2008, when Hasbro named the green member Acid Storm and released a toy for him in the Transformers: Universe line. Later, for BotCon 2013, Sunstorm was included as a member of the Rainmakers, while his blue and purple teammates were officially named Bitstream and Hotlink.

CHMS, iGear, KOLD, Heeerotoysmaker and Reprolabels have made third-party Transformers homages to the Rainmakers.


Toy and package images of the CHMS Rainmakers were posted to the KOToys message board in January 2011.[1]


Fictional biography

Universe Acid Storm: A member of an obscure squad of Decepticon air warriors known only as "The Rainmakers," Acid Storm is known as an individual only to his teammates and a very few others. He is highly intelligent, eager, and dedicated utterly to the Decepticon cause. He has a talent for marshalling vast amounts of data, as well as a way with words that would make him a powerful speaker. However, he prefers to remain anonymous, as part of his team. His hyperion-3 blasters can seed natural clouds with a highly destructive form of acid rain.

Animated series

In the The Transformers episode "Divide and Conquer", three unique Seekers with bright coloring resided on Cybertron with bodies appearing mostly green, blue and yellow appear in the episode, appropriately called "Rainmakers" by Bluestreak.


Fun Publications

Acid Storm appears in At Fight's End with Overkill and Drag Strip fighting against Elita One, Springer and Snarl.[2]

A number of green colored Seekers were seen among Starscream's Decepticon troops in "Battle Lines Part 1", but their identity was unrevealed.

IDW Publishing

Acid Storm appeared in issue #7 and #13 of the IDW Transformers comic series.


  • Reprolabels Jet Chrome 2
A set of labels for the various recolors of the Classic Starscream mold. Includes labels for Acid Storm, the blue Rainmaker, the yellow Rainmaker, Sunstorm, Air Warrior and black Starscream.[3]
  • Heerotoysmaker Smallest Transformers Acid Storm (2010)
An unlicensed recolor of Smallest Transformers Starscream released by Heerotoysmaker.
  • KOLD LE-07 Toxic Rainmakers (2010)
An unlicensed toy based on the Classic Starscream mold, done in glow-in-the-dark plastics.
  • CHMS Rainmakers (2011)
Based on the Classic Starscream mold. Each of the three Rainmakers is packaged in a replica of the package for Henkei Ghost Starscream.
  • Kre-O Acid Wing (2013)
A Kre-O figure in the likeness of Acid Storm, but named Acid Wing.



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