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Quintus Prime is a member of the Thirteen Primes in at least one version of the Transformers franchise, in which he is also depicted as the creator of the Quintessons.


Aligned Continuity


Quintus was created at the same time and for the same purpose as the other members of the Thirteen: to face off with Unicron, nemesis of their creator Primus. Quintus was described in Transformers: The Covenant of Primus as "the Experimental Dreamer," a being obsessed with knowledge and discovery. Sadly, following the defeat of Unicron he fell in with Liege Maximo and Megatronus, whose actions soon led to the conflict known as the War of the Primes. When it was over Quintus was one of several Primes to depart Cybertron, and he eventually brought a race of his own creations into being, the Quintessons. However, the five-faced creatures evidently had little reverence for their progenitor, as they turned against him and are believed to have destroyed him after learning how to bring others of their kind into being.


Quintus' artifact of power was the mystical Emberstone, which-like the AllSpark-had the ability to create life, and presumably was used to give life to the Quintessons. As one of the Thirteen Quintus presumably possessed other impressive powers, but little has been shared regarding them.