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The Quintessons are an alien race featured in many versions of the Transformers franchise, usually as secondary antagonists alongside the Decepticons. Introduced in The Transformers: The Movie, they were briefly conceptualized as worshippers of Unicron before becoming unrelated entities.


Generation 1

Animated Series

Millions of years ago, the Quintessons colonized Cybertron and created many robotic beings to serve them, including the future Autobots and Decepticons and the Dark Guardians. In their cruelty, the Quintessons amused themselves by pitting their robotic creations against each other in gladitorial combat and in treating them like slaves. However, the smaller robots eventually developed intelligence, and rose up in rebellion against their hated masters under the leadership of the robot who would become Alpha Trion. The Quintessons were forced off of Cybertron, and eventually took over a planet that they named Quintessa, where they created new robotic servants such as the Sharkticons. However, they never forgot the "injustice" committed against them by the Transformers, and swore to reclaim Cybertron and exact their vengeance.

Millions of years later, the Transformers and the Quintessons met again during the efforts of the former to defeat the evil Unicron when an Autobot shuttle crash-landed on Quintessa. The Transformers soon witnessed the bizarre "justice system" of the Quintessons, in which they held mock trials in which a verdict of "innocent" meant a sentence of death, as was the case for Lithone's last surviving inhabitant, Kranix. With the aid of the Dinobots and a young Autobot named Wheelie, the crew managed to escape Quintess and briefly turned some of the Sharkticons against their Quintesson masters. However, they did not learn at this time of the Quintessons' role in their creation, and would not until the Quintessons returned after Unicron's defeat. Forging an alliance with the desperate Decepticons-whom they were just as eager to destroy as they were the Autobots-the Quintessons set out to reclaim Cybertron, but were thwarted due to the Autobots' human allies becoming involved.

The Quintessons would encounter the Autobots and Decepticons on several subsequent occasions, either continuing their bid for domination of Cybertron or pursuing some other goal. A Quintesson scientist abducted Ultra Magnus, Marissa Faireborn, Cyclonus, and Wreck-Gar in one instance, and the Quintessons later attempted to prevent their first defeat at the Transformers' hands by removing Alpha Trion from the past before he could lead the rebellion against them. The Quintessons also helped Galvatron track down Rodimus Prime as part of a scheme to unleash the reanimated Optimus Prime in a scheme that would destroy his fellow Autobots, and later tried to destroy the Decepticon leader by suggesting that Cyclonus take him to Torkulon for "medical treatment." Further schemes involved a Quintesson journal, their monstrous Transorganics, and an interdimensional gateway hidden beneath Cybertron's surface. In the end, however, the Quintessons provided unexpected help, as one of their scientists was able to fully revive Optimus Prime, who proved vital to stopping the Hate Plague spreading across the galaxy.



The Quintessons were also featured in the Transformers manga, where their evil machinations included the creation of Guiltar, a monstrous fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Unicron Trilogy

Animated series

Only one Quintesson-Alpha Q-is featured in the Unicron Trilogy, as the leader of a planet that was destroyed by Unicron and who sought to revive his world and all others thus destroyed after Unicron was rendered dormant at the end of Transformers: Armada.



Animated series

The Quintessons are mentioned by Swindle in "Society of Ultimate Villainy," after he demonstrates a piece of technology he acquired in "an arms deal on Quintessa." He goes on to describe the Quintessons as "nice folks" and encourages a listener to visit them and expect "a great deal, and all the oil you can drink!"


The Quintessons are featured in several "Ask Vector Prime" accounts, including one in which they provided the Hydratron to Bio Ranger Iga to serve as one of his Thirteen Great Demon Generals. In another, they and their Terrorcons proved an unexpected force for good against the machinations of Galvatron in his bids to become the monstrous Grand Galvatron. [1]

Shattered Glass

In the reverse polarity universe of Shattered Glass the Quintessons are a powerful but benevolent race, with the Quintesson Collective approaching the heroic Decepticons with an alliance through their representative Aquarius.

Aligned Continuity

Animated series

The Quintessons are mentioned briefly in Transformers: Rescue Bots, when Chase notes in a log entry that the Rescue Bots' patrol took them near Quintesson space.


The Quintessons are featured in both Transformers: The Covenant of Primus and Transformers: Retribution, in which their history from The Transformers is combined with the Primus story introduced in subsequent incarnations. Most notable in this version is the introduction of an origin for the Quintessons: they were created by Quintus Prime of the Thirteen Primes, but subsequently betrayed and likely killed him after learning how to bring others of their kind into being. Here the Quintessons claimed to have given the Cybertronians the ability to transform, and fitted many of them with cockpits so that they could serve the Quintessons as vehicles. However, an alliance of rebels including Sentinel Prime, Alpha Trion, Elita One, and the future Megatron soon determined that the Quintessons were lying, and united the Transformers to drive them off the planet. Furious at being robbed of an addition to their empire, the Quintessons spent millennia preparing to retake Cybertron, capturing at least one Cybertronian colony world-Aquatron-in the process.

After the Autobots and Decepticons departed Cybertron, the Quintessons used their technology to interfere with the Matrix of Leadership carried by Optimus Prime, luring him to Aquatron. After masquerading briefly as friendly natives and then peaceful traders, the Quintessons revealed their true intentions: punishing the Cybertronians for rebelling against their "creators." Their ruse was eventually discovered yet again, but in the process they managed to open a Spacebridge to Cybertron and launch an invasion. However, the Autobots and Decepticons on both worlds managed to thwart them, and Aquatron was freed from the Quintessons' control, though the aliens themselves remained at large.

Known Quintessons

Generation 1

  • Klementia: A Quintesson scientist who was recruited to bring Optimus Prime back to life during the Hate Plague crisis. Following these events, "Ask Vector Prime" indicates that he abandoned his species' hatred of the Transformers and brokered a peace treaty between them, eventually becoming the Quintesson ambassador to Cybertron.

Unicron Trilogy

Shattered Glass

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