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Impossible Toys character
Quint-03 box
Release number

Species Alien
Occupation Prosecutor


Tech specs

ST04 IN10 SP09 EN04

RN07 CO07 FB08 SK10

Quint-03 is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to the Quintessons made by Impossible Toys in 2008.

Impossible Toys

Quint-03 is based on the Quintesson prosecutor first seen in The Transformer: The Movie.[1]


Pictures of Quint-03 were posted on the Impossible Toys web site in November 2007.[2]

Quint-03 was released in May 2008.


Quint-03 was featured in the 2013 toy reference book Transforming Collections by Philip Reed.[3]

In January 2015 Machinema announced they had completed script writing for the Transformers: Combiner Wars series together with some behind-the-scenes photos, which showed Impossible Toys Quint-01. Quint-02 and Quint-03 in their collection.[4]

Fictional biography

The Quint Prosecutor is supported by a propulsion column of pure energy. The Prosecutor is distinguished by a curving, elongated cranial housing and a fairly vicious-looking countenance. The Prosecutor is equipped with side-mounted squid-like tentacles. Having created many robots as servitor races, the Quint's were defeated by there creations, expelled from there home world, and force to colonize the much less grandiose planet of Quintessa. Twisted by exile and betrayal, they now are forced to entertain themselves with mock trails, petty cruelties, bizarre experimentations and attempted subterfuges.


  • Impossible Toys Quint-03 Prosecutor (2008)
A new mold.



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