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Quillfire is a Porcupine-like Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series.


Animated series

An anarchist with toxin-loaded quills, Quillfire rebelled against all forms of authority on Cybertron; his destructive behavior led to his imprisonment aboard the Alchemor. Escaping on Earth, he set about wreaking havoc in the name of his "revolution," and infected Bumblebee with his toxin during a clash with the Autobots. Bee's teammates continued to pursue him, but ultimately the impaired Bumblebee proved Quillfire's undoing, and caused him to become speared by several of his own quills. Quillfire later escaped his Stasis pod after it was damaged and recruited the lunatic Springload to serve as his bodyguard, though the unstable Decepticon proved as much a threat to Quillfire as any Autobot. The pair were eventually recaptured by the Autobots, aided by Drift and his Mini-Con students Jetstorm and Slipstream.

Quillfire was later part of a group of Decepticons freed by Steeljaw to join the forces of Decepticon Island, and was soon tasked with acquiring materials needed to repair the larger fragment of the Alchemor. Accompanied by the Mini-Cons Back and Forth, he proved highly successful and managed to defeat Bumblebee and Strongarm. However, he was eventually subdued and reimprisoned along with his minions after Grimlock made use of his new Earth disguise to join the fight.


  • Warriors Quillfire (2016)
Later recolored into Scatterspike.