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GoBots character
GoBots Puzzler box
First appearance

Challenge of the GoBots episode 33, "Auto-Madic"
Created by

Release number

Species GoBot, Transformer
Occupation Renegade Robot Giant


Renegade GoBots
Alternate mode

Six robots

Puzzler is a fictional character from the GoBots series introduced in 1985. He is the combined form of six Renegade GoBots.


Puzzler is a combiner made up of six evil Renegade GoBots.

Crossword becomes an orange Porsche 930T, the same alternate mode as Baron von Joy.

Jig Saw is a white Toyota Celica XX police car.

Pocket is a yellow Lamborghini Countach, the same alternate mode as the GoBot Spoiler and the Transformers Deadwheeler, Deep Cover, Flame, Free Wheeler, Laster, Red Alert, Sideswipe, Spin-Out, Sunstreaker and Tiger Track.

Rube is a black Mercedes 300SL.

Tic Tac is a red Chevrolet Corvette C4, the same alternate mode as the Transformer Freeway.

Zig Zag becomes a blue Nissan 300ZX, the same alternate mode the Transformers Streetstar and Streetwise.


Puzzler was initially solicited as a Guardian, not a Renegade, with a different combiner head and paint details.[1]


Crossword was chosen as the 13th goofiest GoBot name by Topless Robot in 2010.[2]

Fictional biography

In the battle over Earth, the Renegades enlist the aid of a secret GoBotron recruit - Puzzler. Made up of six unusual GoBots, Puzzler pieces turn from robot to vehicle, and each possess a specific mighty skill:
Pocket's karate hand moves faster than the eye.
Crossword has the crushing strength of six GoBots.
Tic Tac is the evil mind behind Puzzler's schemes.
Jig Saw, the master of disguises, bends into any shape.
Rube's super senses feel the slightest movement.
Zig Zag has the furious speed of a striking snake.
When their powers combine, they become a formidable force. However, Puzzler has one weakness - and the Guardians have discovered it. Should even one Piece be unable to join with the others, the mighty strength will fade away. Each piece must then rely on his own specific skill to survive. The Guardians must keep Puzzler from piecing together. The fate of the Earth depends on it!

Animated series

Puzzler in Challenge of the GoBots

Puzzler's single appearance in the Challenge of the GoBots series was in the episode 33, "Auto-Madic". A Renegade attempt to counter the Guardians' Courageous Powersuit system, the Puzzler was constructed on Earth by Cy-Kill. Its' six components were then dispersed across America by a car salesman named Larry E. Cocoa, who was in the pay of the Renegades. However, his wife tampered with their controls, causing the six cars to converge and combine into the full Puzzler. This alerted the Guardians, who moved in to combat the Puzzler. Initially it had them on the run until the Powersuits were retrieved from GoBotron, at which point Courageous was able to halt the Puzzler and destroy it.

Puzzler also appeared in a 30 second GoBots toy commercial which aired in 1985.[3]


Fun Publications

In "Ask Vector Prime" an alternate version of Puzzler was recruited to join Bio Ranger Iga's Thirteen Great Demon Generals. While previously six separate beings, Puzzler was made a permanent united giant by Iga, to the gratitude of the merged personality but the horror of his six components.


The Puzzler team was featured in the 2016 "Ask Vector Prime" story Echoes and Fragments, set during the events of The Transformers: The Movie. The manipulations of the evil Gong and Sideways resulted in various GoBots, Rock Lords and Starriors swapping places with characters during the events of that film.


The Puzzler team was featured in the Transformers: Renegade Rhetoric episode 59 story "Six Heads Are Better Than One" Fun Publications. Cy-Kill initiated a diversion by attacking the Superbowl, and while the Guardians were distracted Clutch and Heart Attack traveled to a Guardian storage facility. The Renegades defeated Dumper and Night Ranger and took the remains of Puzzler. Once they returned to Rogue Star Cy-Kill was able use the sparks he had stolen from TransTech Shockwave's laboratory and space lightning to give life to the Puzzler members. This not only gave sentience to the individual Puzzler components, but granted each member powers. Tic Tac, the leader, gained super intelligence. Pocket, the right arm, gained super karate speed. Crossword, the left arm, gained the super strength of six ordinary GoBots. Jig Saw, the torso, gained a super disguise ability. Rube, the left leg, gained a super sense of even the slightest tremor in the ground. And Zig Zag, the right leg, gained super speed. When combined Puzzler could access all his components powers.[4]

Puzzler would later be formed again on Quartex during the episode 64 story "Combiner Wars Part 1", in which he and Monsterous faced Courageous and Fossilsaurus in battle and were then joined by Nemesis, an upgraded version of Grungy.[5]

The Transformers Sparks used to bring life to the Puzzler members and grant them special abilities were eventually revealed to be:


  • Tonka GoBots 7248 Puzzler (1985)
A gift box of six robots who turn into cars or combine into Puzzler. This toy was released as Machine Puzzler in the Machine Robo line by Bandai.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Crossword (1985)
Turns from robot to Porsche 930Tor forms an arm of Puzzler.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Jig Saw (1985)
Turns from robot to car or forms the lower torso of Puzzler.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Pocket (1985)
Turns from robot to car or forms an arm of Puzzler.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Rube (1985)
Turns from robot to car or forms a leg of Puzzler.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Tic Tac (1985)
Turns from robot to car or forms the upper torso and head of Puzzler.
  • Tonka GoBots 7256 Zig Zag (1985)
Turns from robot to Nissan 300ZX or forms a leg of Puzzler.



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