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Prometheus Worley
Born November 4, 1970
United States
Occupation Author/Designer
Organization Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™
Notable works Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus * When World's Collide: Leveraging The Power of Literature, Art, and Fashion
Spouse Tracy de Rushe-Worley
Children Clifford T. Worley, Seth Worley, Logan Fuller, Liam Fuller

Prometheus Worley (November 4, 1970) is the Founder/Head Fashion Designer for Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™, headquartered within the 1870 historical landmark Maison de Pillars. He is the CEO of hybrid publishing firm Hampton Court Press and shares his time between Europe and the United States.[1]

He is the author of the following books: 1) "Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time"[2] * 2) "When World's Collide: Leveraging The Power of Literature, Art, and Fashion"[3]

Early life

Although New Jersey has been his primary residence over the past several years, Prometheus actually grew up in New York City. Nicknamed, "The Professor", by his father as a child, Prometheus was a voracious reader reading literally any books he could get his hands on. By the age of 11, having History being one of his favorite subjects in school, he had already read the works and biographies of numerous historical figures like Catherine The Great, King Louis XIV, Queen Elizabeth I, Seneca, and Hannibal. Possessing a deep passion for art, fashion design, as well as for tailoring since the time he was a teenager, his aunt taught him the art of tailoring to tailor his own clothing. Before he knew it, he was getting requests from friends, family members, and neighbors to alter /tailor their clothing for a better fit. Even at a young age, Prometheus's mother saw his talent for fashion alteration and styling; and highly encouraged him to pursue a possible career within this field, but at the time Prometheus's career interests were focused elsewhere. Though many years would pass after pursuing his B.S. in Environmental Management and working in both the healthcare and environmental sustainability fields, his true love and passion for fashion and the world of art never really left.


Prometheus launched his first full-service Adventure Fitness Training business back in 2007. At the time he was, an American Council on Exercise(ACE)-certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, as well as a National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, with well over a decade of Emergency Medical Specialist Training and experience working with the New York City Fire Dept(FDNY).[4]

His company was based in NYC and New Jersey. With Adventure Fitness Training,[5] he trained corporate clientele, various people within the entertainment industry as well as athletes in Semi-Professional and Collegiate sports. His training programs back then were quite unique for their time. Though it is common practice now, back then he combined a mix of traditional indoor strength & conditioning training; with strenuous outdoor environmental conditioning like taking clients hiking, backpacking, Delaware Water Gap Kayaking, Rowing, Weekend Camping, Cycling, Trail-Running, wood chopping and various other fun outdoor activities. He routinely worked along with clients' doctors helping to coordinate much-needed endocrinology testing, in order to assess certain baseline levels/information needed regarding clients' Hormonal, Thyroid, and Insulin levels. Being a cutting-edge full-service health and fitness company, he would also work along with a nutritionist to help keep his clients steady on the path towards achieving their goals.

Business In Full Swing

Fast-forward to 2020, amid the global pandemic, Prometheus launched several businesses including a Recording Studio, a Book Publishing firm, and 2 fashion labels. Run and operated as a family business, the successful fashion brand, Fashion 4 The Leisure Class™, designs vintage-styled Tops, T-shirts, Blouses, Dress Shirts for Men and Women, and luxury accessories.[6] Becoming ever the more popular, the designer's unconventional design style started to draw attention from fashionista’s and Investors alike.[7] Transforming everyday elements like global currency, turn-of-the-century vintage periodicals, and international ancient cultural motifs into a highly popular fashionable art form that can be worn, is something Worley specializes in.[8] With ready-to-wear design collections for the Spring, Summer, and Fall, the fashion brand's contemporary design for the old money aesthetic theme[9][10][11], is growing in popularity all across the globe.[12]

Personal life

Prometheus's eldest son is Clifford T. Worley(32) born April 4, 1990. He is married to Tracy de Rushe-Worley and has 3 children: Seth Worley(6), Logan Fuller(18), and Liam Fuller(18). They reside in the Van Wyck Brooks Historic District in Plainfield, New Jersey[13], and call the 1870 historic landmark Victorian-Georgian mansion, Maison de Pillars, home.[14] With the personal goal of living /spending quality, cultural immersion time abroad, Prometheus and his family's annual travel calendar/destinations include Asia, Europe, Canada, Central America, and South America.[15] As a family, one of the wonderful things that bind them together is their shared love for their four little fur babies. Two big, beautiful Bengal Cats named Sachi and Joyti. And two little loyal Bichon / Yorkies named Lord Ashton and Lady Lully.


1) WISDOM FROM THE WORLD'S GREATEST GURUS: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time[16]

2) WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE: Leveraging The Power of Literature, Art, and Fashion[17]


Film projects: Dancing With Daemons: The Birth of A Fashion Brand -A short avant-garde film by Prometheus Worley is due to begin production in November 2022.[18]

Film Trivia: Worley has appeared in television commercials for Iceland Health Maximum Strength Omega 3 Supplements. In 2014, Prometheus was one of the finalists chosen to participate within Fox Television's “Utopia” Reality TV series, and was slated to appear in upcoming episodes before the show's cancellation.[19][20]



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