Prince Milon

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Prince Milon
Picture of Prince Milon
Born Prince Milon
05 Desember 2002
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Musical Artist
Years active 9
Known for Bangladeshi Female Singer
Notable works Bangladesh Music Industry

Prince Milon Bangladeshi singer and musician. Milon Hossain, Prince Milon is a Bangladeshi singer and musician. Prince Milon is an official artist and international music portal official. Prince Milon was born on December 05, 2002 in Naogaon.

I've been eating my songs since I was a kid. I have a lot of love for music.I have been publishing songs professionally since 2017. The first song I wrote was "Chupi Chupi" and the second song was "Ghum Asena" from Bangladesh The banner of BM Productions, a music company, was released. Then I sang some of my own songs and the music was directed by Rohan Raj and Sajib Das, popular music directors in Bangladesh.

A story of hope in your music

Prince Milon said, "I've loved music since I was a child. I sang at many school and college events. I bought my first guitar in 2017 and sang with it. Then I went to music school in 2018 to learn music.


In 2021 Prince Milne said my first original song “Wounded in the Corey Chest” was released. After that, the song titled 'Korli Buke Khotot' was released under the banner of Multimedia, the largest music label in Bangladesh. Prince Milon said, "In 2021, I did three songs with Sojib Das, the popular music director of Bangladesh."

Working with co-artists

Prince Milon added, “I have sung with many popular artists in Bangladesh; Among them I sang the bokalist of the international band Jayabar Band With Captain Brother

Prince Milon all Songs

I have done a total of original songs so far. The songs are "Korli buke Khoto" "shartopor pakhi" “mrito lash” “kar mone tor bari’ and “tui amar jibon.

Prince Milon said

“Corona epidemic cannot be published worldwide nowadays Many singers and musicians are working and various online platforms are publishing their work. I think this kind of work can happen automatically and will release their songs. ""Finally, I want to take my music one step further. Thank you so much for creating Sristy Multimedia Company. Everyone will pray for me so that I can stay healthy and give you better songs. Lots of love and best wishes to everyone."


1. Ami Shudu Tomar (2021)

2.Ghum Ashena (2021)

3 Shorire Gohona (2021)

4. Tumi Dhukko Dile (2021)

5. Joto Silo Odhikar (2021)