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Prince Foysal
Born 15 August 1999 (1999-08-15) (age 24)
Faridgonj,Chandpur, Bangladesh
Residence Chandpur
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Digital Marketer
Years active 2018-present
Known for Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur
Home town Chandpur, Bangladesh
Height 5.8"
Religion Muslim

Prince Foysal is a Bangladeshi digital marketer and entrepreneur who has been making waves in the industry for his exceptional skills and expertise. Born on August 15, 1999, in Faridgonj, Chandpur, Prince Foysal is an ambitious individual who has achieved great success at a young age. He is a proud Muslim and hails from the beautiful city of Chandpur.

Personal Life

Prince Foysal is a family-oriented person who believes that his loved ones are the driving force behind his success. He is a kind-hearted and empathetic individual who always puts others before himself. In his free time, Prince Foysal loves to read books, travel, and explore new cultures. He is also an animal lover and supports various animal welfare organizations.


Prince Foysal started his career as a digital marketer at the age of 18. He started working as a freelancer and gained valuable experience and knowledge in the field. He then founded his own digital marketing agency, which quickly became a success due to his innovative and effective marketing strategies. In addition to his work as a digital marketer, Prince Foysal is also an entrepreneur and has founded several successful businesses.


Prince Foysal's work as a digital marketer has been nothing short of remarkable. He has helped numerous businesses grow their online presence and increase their revenue through his effective marketing strategies. His expertise spans across various digital marketing channels, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. He is also a sought-after speaker and has spoken at various industry conferences and events.

In conclusion, Prince Foysal is a young and talented individual who has achieved great success through his hard work and perseverance. He is a role model for aspiring digital marketers and entrepreneurs and continues to inspire others with his innovative ideas and strategies.

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