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Popees (founded in 2003) is a Baby Care Brand,[1] headquartered in Malappuram, Kerala.[2][3][4]


Popees is a children's clothing brand in Kerala having 32 outlets in South India and also has a presence in Amazon, Flipkart and Ajio.[2][5]

Popees' portfolio of brands includes Ourkids, Pomees, Junior Popees, and Vanchris.[6][7][8]

In 2019, Popees along-wiith Malabar Gold and Diamonds and others, sponsored the Mazhavil Manorama,[9] one of the leading GECs in Kerala, its first award show “Mazhavil Entertainment Awards” to honour the creative brilliance within the realm of entertainment in Kerala.[10]

In 2022, Popees intends to expand into the GCC nations and London.[11]

Popees and are working together on a project about the pregnant stage for women.[12]

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