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Founder(s) Brad Slavin
Area served Worldwide
Services Advanced Threat Defense
Malware Protection
Ransomware Protection
Email and CEO Fraud protection

PhishProtection.com' is a brand of DuoCircle.com that provides one of the most popular solutions for protection from phishing. [2] They offer real-time protection against phishing, ransomware and email fraud. They also help protect your hosted email platforms to protect your business-critical data from cybercriminals. With a solution that works on every email server and device, phishprotection.com can help you get the best in class security on all platforms. PhishProtection is trusted by over 7500+ organizations and is massively deployed on highly critical platforms.[1]


PhishProtection provides solutions such as Advanced Threat Defense, O365 ATD, Malware, Ransomware, Email, and CEO Fraud protection. They offer enterprise-class protection without enterprise prices.[2] Some of the useful features from PhishProtection are Smart Quarantine Protection System that can prevent any suspicious email to enter your inbox.[3] Real-time Link Click Protection feature protects you from the time-delayed phishing attack. Malicious Attachment Blocking will protect you against dangerous attachment, so you don’t need to worry about accidental clicking that opens the attachment and cause more problems. You can find more about this service at www.phishprotection.com.


In 2019, they announced the provision of the PhishProtection Scholarship for high school seniors with signed acceptance letters to a college or university situated anywhere in the world which will give financial aid to awardees, scholarship deadline is November 30, 2020.[4][5]