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== References ==
== References ==
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Born Marko Danial
19 February 2001 (2001-02-19) (age 19)
Cairo, Egypt
Residence California
Nationality Egyptian
Occupation Social Media Star & Entrepeneur
Organization Spzrts
Known for Social Media

Marko Danial, also known as Pharaoic, is a social media star and entrepreneur who has gathered over 3,000,000 followers across many social media platforms. Pharaoic is also the founder and CEO of Spzrts[1], a sports media company that makes athletic gear and is dedicated in helping athletes strive for greatness.[2]

Early life

As a freshman in High school, Pharaoic decided that he wanted to learn more about sports, that is when he decided to create a sports account on Instagram. Without knowing, the account went viral, after a shared video of Kobe Bryant, and from there he knew what he wanted to do. He continued to grow multiple social media accounts for himself and clients. He has learned some of the best marketing and growth tactics. Given his young age, Pharaoic's goal is to continuously inspire others.[3]

Personal life

Pharaoic was born in Egypt and later on moved with his family to the United States in 2006. To share his culture and background, he decided to create the name "Pharaoic," something that his fans can call him by, since he is Egyptian. Egypt is known for its pyramids, pharaohs, and camels.[4]


Pharaoic started his career when he was younger and has gained huge success.[5]


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