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Keith's Fantasy Club character
Keith's Fantasy Club Pestilence box
Created by

Keith's Fantasy Club
Species Transformer


Alternate mode

Robotic lion/microcassette

Toxin Creation
Tech specs

ST06 IN04 SP09 EN07

RN03 CO06 FB06 SK07

Pestilence is a fictional character and original third-party Transformer created by Keith's Fantasy Club in 2014.

Keith's Fantasy Club

Pestilence is an original third-party Transformer. He turns from robotic lion to microcassette.

Pestilence is very fast, but has slightly below average intelligence.


A recolor of the Iron Paw mold designed by Eagle's TF.

Daniel Arseneault wrote the biography and decided on the colors for this toy. He said in an episode of the Canadian Slag podcast that he choose the colors simply because it was one of the few colors that had not been done with the mold yet.[1]

Pestilence was released at TFcon 2014.


Pestilence review on YouTube by AutobotCBL01

Fictional biography

One of the many drones created by TOXIN to watch his skidplate while he plots something bigger then his fellow Destrons can ever understand. PESTILENCE much like the cyber laser he was forged from, is fast, exact and sharp. When many of these units are together, their AI become one and try to work as a team to destroy their target. Wearing 2 turbo boots on each side of it’s super structure helps PESTILENCE get that jolt of speed needed to knock-down it’s prey before snuffing out it’s spark or dragging it’s shell of a body to TOXIN for some experiments. Due to it being a drone, it’s not used to unique situations or bots that are straight up unpredictable. While in groups, their AI will try to work together, but also makes all surrounding units function in a similar fashion, making the pack as a whole very easy to read.

TFcon comics

Pestilence appears in the TFcon 2014 comic story "The Dark Warrior". In this story acts as the pet of Toxin.[2]


  • Keith's Fantasy Club Pestilence (2014)
A recolor of Justice Iron Paw. Turns from robotic lion to microcassette. Comes with case, collector card and instructions.
The microcassette mode of this toy is thicker than a normal microcassette, meaning it may not fit inside some toys that only hold one microcassette. It will fit into toys that are designed to hold multiple cassettes at the same time by taking up the space of two tapes.



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