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Paul Gerald Baker

}}}}}}}} 20,

}} 1910
Joy, Illinois
Died May 7, 1942(1942-05-07) (aged 32)
Coral Sea
Awards Navy Cross

Paul G. Baker (1910–1942) was a United States Navy officer who received the Navy Cross posthumously for his actions in combat during World War II.


Paul Gerald Baker was born on 20 February 1910 in Joy, Illinois. He enlisted in the United States Navy on 12 December 1929. From 1935, he served with aviation activities and units, and rose through the enlisted ranks to Aviation Chief Radioman. On 14 April 1942, while serving with Fighter Squadron 2 (VF-2) on board the aircraft carrier Template:USS, he was appointed Lieutenant, junior grade, for temporary service.

During the Battle of the Coral Sea, Baker downed three Japanese planes and badly damaged a fourth in the engagements on 7 May 1942, but failed to return from his last mission.


Baker's heroism and devotion to duty at Coral Sea won him the posthumous award of the Navy Cross.


During World War II, the destroyer escort Template:USS was named for Baker. Her construction was cancelled in 1944. The destroyer escort Template:USS, in commission from 1944 to 1947, was then named in his honor.

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