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|data22 = Decepticon
|data22 = Decepticon
| lbl23 = Alternate mode
| lbl23 = Alternate mode
|data23 =  
|data23 = Truck
| lbl24 = Function
| lbl24 = Function
|data24 =  
|data24 = The Bounty Hunter
| lbl25 = Motto
| lbl25 = Motto
|data25 =  
|data25 = "''You can't run and you can't hide.''"
| lbl31 = Partner
| lbl31 = Partner
|data31 =  
|data31 =  

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Transformers character
Timelines Oilmaster toy
Species Transformer
Gender Male


Alternate mode


The Bounty Hunter

"You can't run and you can't hide."

Transformers: Timelines

Tech specs

ST08 IN05 SP Various EN07

RN04 CO07 FB08 SK10

Oilmaster is a Decepticon bounty hunter and Double Pretender from the Transformers franchise.

Transformers Timelines

Oilmaster was originally intended to be one of several Double Pretender figures, but the line was ultimately not produced. However, Oilmaster was later featured in a Japanese story where he pursued Magnificus, and two years later his shell (originally unveiled at BotCon 1996) was reused for a Transformers: Timelines exclusive.

Oilmaster's jet component was originally intended to be the Decepticon Micromaster Airwave, but was later changed to simply be an extension of Oilmaster's will. It retains Airwave's colors.

Oilmaster's sword is called a qualtablade, a reference to the weapon used by Ka D'Argo in the TV series Farscape.

Fun Publications


  • Hasbro Transformers Timelines Double Pretender Oilmaster (2015)
The Double Pretender shell comes with two figures, both representing aspects of Oilmaster: a ground-based robot repainted from Transformers: Generations Swerve, and a flying Micromaster repainted from Flanker.
Comes with a rifle recolors from Construct-Bots Megatron and a sword recolored from Construct-Bots Optimus Prime.
The shell was later recolored for use with Double Pretender Optimus Prime.


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