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This memo was released in February of 2005.[1]

The allegations this detainee faced were:

a. The detainee is associated with al Qaida and is a Taliban fighter:
  1. Detainee was recruited to fight in Kashmir and Chechnya by a Jihadist recruiter in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Detainee joined the Taliban after receiving a Fatwa from ############### at the Immam Muhammad Bin Saud College in Burayda, Saudi Arabia.
  3. Detainee trained at al Farouq training camp in Afghanistan during September 2001.
  4. Detainee was trained on the Kalishnikov rifle, PK machine gun, and a Russian pistol at the al Farouq training camp.
  5. One of the detainee's known aliases was on a list of captured al Qaida members that was discovered on a computer hard drive associated with a senior al Qaida member.
b. The detainee participated in military operations against the coalition.
  1. Detainee was a fighter at Tora Bora.


  1. CSRT Summary of Evidence memoranda (.pdf) released in March 2005, Combatant Status Review Tribunals - September 23 2004 - page 38