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Image of Nortepuro
Founded 2017 in Bilbao, Spain
Location Bilbao, Spain

Nortepuro is a brand originated in Bilbao, dedicated to selling clothing and accessories for smokers.[1]


Based in Spain, NORTEPURO is an urban culture-inspired apparel company. They have a wide range of apparel styles and trends, and they show it off on their social media accounts. They provide online shipping and hence have a wide customer base. All of their designs are on-trend and luxury at the same time. Their Instagram handle is [email protected] with 25.1k followers. They utilise social media to promote themselves.[2]

Their goal is to present young people with a wide variety of bright and eye-catching apparel options. With the use of their clothing, they seek to help individuals feel more confident about themselves. A wide selection of apparel options is available to suit all tastes and budgets. They’re influenced by hip-hop and street style. They are committed to providing prompt and courteous service to all of their clients. All of their products are available for purchase on their website. As a result, style enthusiasts should be sure to follow this lovely boutique on Instagram (NORTEPURO).[3]

Their large variety of clothing includes T-shirts, hoodies, bottoms, dresses, shorts, hats, and so on. They sell their own pop sockets for phones named “NORTEPURO.” These pop sockets are labeled with different words like “wavy” or “drippin.” They even have their signature “NORTEPURO” label too. These come in a variety of patterns and colors and would make a wonderful gift to a friend. They also make fanny packs in the same style, but with more versatile colors that match with almost any outfit like white, gray, and black.[4]

Their clothing line has enough items to fill an entire closet. They have something for all seasons and occasions. They have short and long-sleeved dresses in multiple colors. Their biker shorts are extremely flexible and stretchy. Their joggers come in versatile colors and are very comfortable as per their customer reviews. They also have a variety of hoodies; some are muted shades while others are vibrant and bold. Additionally, they have a children’s line to provide all ages with trendy clothing. A unique store must be followed on instgram.[5]

New fashions and styles are seizing everyone’s attention in this contemporary world. Day by day, the zeal and enthusiasm of people towards fashion is surging. They are becoming extremely conscious while choosing their outfits, attires, and other accessories. NORTEPURO brand is trying its best to provide its customers with quality products.

You may get anything from shirts to belts to entire suits at the Cutie collection. There is something for everyone here. When looking at their diverse selection of things and accessories, one is sure to run out of words. All of the things and clothing are brilliant and magnificent. For example, their suit collection includes a wide range of party outfits, wedding suits, festive outfits, and casual outfits. Wrinkle-free t-shirts and complete suits are included in this collection. Waistcoats and blouses are also included. There is a collar and cuff on the sleeves of the long-sleeved shirt. Straight or U-shaped borders are possible. Each shirt comes in a variety of sizes, from minor to extra-large. So follow this fantastic store on Instagram.

NORTEPURO is not only making sure to stay on trend, but they are also creating their own. In a short period, they have managed to gather customers from all over the world. They also have many influencers who promote their work and love their clothing. During the pandemic, Sauce Avenue is still running in full swing and even have giveaways on their social media. They are also producing face masks. Sauce Avenue aims to become a leading online clothing store in the future.

At the end NORTEPURO shared on their wall that it is with great sadness that I inform you of the closure of the Nortepuro physical store in Bilbao, taking the business 100% to the web. And focusing on a different business model, online and faster. With which anyone can count on the many articles that we will add to this website. The store has been very nice for almost 2 years with all of you, I have met many people and I thank you for the treatment you have always given me, perhaps I have not played my cards well this time… AND IT REMARKED ‼️ The store has closed because they do not give the numbers, today running a business/brand for one is very difficult, paying the rent month by month, self-employed, quarterly, the equivalency surcharge and all the crap that ends up being paid every month everywhere. I’m 22 years old, I don’t know accounting and unfortunately my manager has hardly been able to do things well… This change is not because I want to take my job off, it’s because I still feel unable to manage something like this on my own, perhaps with the passage of time, yes, but I prefer take something online for a while and learn. But you know that NORTEPURO has a lot to talk about‼️ It’s not goodbye, nortepuro no one rumba. I hope you understand our situation.. Keep following on Instgram.

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